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88 Pocha brings Korea’s famed street food experience to Holland Village

Of all the scenes in any given K-pop drama, most of us would undoubtedly recognise the iconic tents under which our favourite characters enjoy warm servings of comfort food and drinks. Affectively dubbed “Pocha” – a shorter term for “Pojangmacha” or covered wagon in Korean – they’ve become icons of South Korea’s vibrant street food and hawker culture.

Bringing that piece of Korea to us here in Singapore is the all-new 88 Pocha at Holland Village. Serving up a diverse selection of authentic Korean street food, Suntory highball cocktails, makgeolli, and other popular tipples, the new destination promises to satisfy all diners from sun-up to sun-down.

Helmed by a Korean chef who’s been stationed in Singapore for a long time, 88 Pocha’s menu recreates the taste of popular Korean bites in a dedicated mission to bring the Pojangmacha culture to our shores.

Put together by the same minds who brought the popular Michelin Bib Gourmand Niu Dian to Singapore, 88 Pocha’s intriguing array of delicious signatures showcase ingredients sourced directly from South Korea.

Fans of Korean cuisine can look forward to indulging in amazing renditions of Tteokbokki, Sausage Gimbap, Kimchi Pancake, and Oden Soup, alongside renowned favourites like the popular Army Stew and LA Galbi, as well as their unique Corn Cheese Spicy Ramyeon and Tuna Cheese King Egg Roll.

Pair your meal with refreshing sips of their unconventional Suntory Earl Grey Highball, Strawberry Highball, and Blue Lemonade Highball, then cool it all off with an assortment of Korean bingsu, including flavours such as a classic Red Bean Bingsu and fun Sweet Tomato Bingsu.


To find out more about 88 Pocha, check out their Facebook page here.