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One Farrer Hotel unveils a Christmas feast beyond tradition

At One Farrer Hotel, enjoy the festive season with the culinary brilliance of Executive Chef Marcus Tan and Pastry Chef Wee Pai Hau. Enjoy the ‘Delicioso’ Mexican Style Turkey with Spices and the Signature Salt-Encrusted Turkey. Pamper yourself with the exclusive Macaron Tree and Carousel Fruit Cake, adding a delightful touch of joy to your holiday gatherings

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Dazzling festive cakes and pies for your holiday delight

As loved ones gather to bask in the festive spirit, no celebration is complete without a delicious cake or pie for that matter. To make your holiday moments even sweeter, we’ve curated a list of cakes. From cherished classics to delightful options, these treats ensure your Christmas is filled with both joy and flavour. Let the warmth of the season be accompanied by these delectable delights. Happy celebrations

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Lavender Street’s gateway to Bangkok at Yaowarat Seafood

Indulge in the vibrant flavours of Bangkok’s Chinatown at Yaowarat Seafood. Located on Lavender Street, this restaurant brings the essence of Thai-Chinese seafood cuisine to your plate. With an exciting new menu featuring fresh seafood and a warm, immersive ambience, it’s a dining experience not to be missed

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Tiong Bahru Bakery’s latest and largest gem at The Centrepoint

Singapore’s renowned Tiong Bahru Bakery has unveiled its largest outlet yet at The Centrepoint, promising an exquisite culinary experience. This 3,500 square-foot space with a vibrant ambience offers an exclusive expanded menu, featuring bold flavours and a delightful fusion of brunch classics and hearty comfort dishes, making it a must-visit destination for food lovers in the heart of the city

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