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Authentic German Pretzel bakery debuts in Singapore’s Icon Village

Park Bäckerei, Singapore’s first-ever German pretzel bakery opens at Icon Village. Led by Dennis von Berlepsch and Jane Lee Richard, Park Bäckerei offers a charming selection of signature lye-dipped breads and pastries, with the spotlight on their handcrafted authentic German pretzels, prepared daily using traditional techniques.

The genesis of Park Bäckerei traces back to Dennis and Jane’s quest for genuine German pretzels, a pursuit that began in Hong Kong and eventually led them to establish their bakery in Singapore. Their dedication and three years of relentless refinement have culminated in an exceptional product that resonates with customers. The bakery’s commitment to tradition, quality, and meticulous crafting shines through their range of offerings, making Park Bäckerei a standout destination for those seeking a true taste of German culinary heritage amidst the vibrant streets of Tanjong Pagar.

At the heart of Park Bäckerei’s offerings lies the allure of their Swabian-style pretzels. Characterized by their slim ‘ends’ and plump ‘belly’, these pretzels undergo the traditional process of being bathed in a lye solution prior to baking. The outcome is a beautifully bronzed exterior enveloping a wonderfully tender interior – a tantalizing embodiment of Germany’s essence on Singaporean palates. Beyond the classic pretzel, the bakery’s menu unveils a variety of creations stemming from the same pretzel dough. The repertoire ranges from savoury treasures like the Cheese Pretzel to delightful confections such as the Karamel Igel, a hedgehog-shaped pretzel bun brimming with sumptuous caramel spread.

Conveniently situated in the central business district, Park Bäckerei caters to hurried breakfasts, leisurely lunches, and effortless takeaways. The array spans meticulously crafted sandwiches and salads to the decadence of German sausages. For those craving diversity, The Bread Box presents an ensemble of mini pretzels, mini cheese pretzels, Karamel Igels, and Schoko Rolls – an ensemble that epitomizes the bakery’s commitment to delivering a rich and varied culinary experience.

As Oktoberfest approaches, Park Bäckerei embraces the spirit with an exclusive package, featuring a selection of sausages, pretzels, and sides, available for a limited time. With its commitment to quality and authenticity, Park Bäckerei brings the heartwarming taste of Germany’s culinary heritage to Singapore’s diverse gastronomic scene.


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