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Baristart Coffee Singapore: Where coffee meets culinary delights

Baristart Coffee, the iconic brand hailing from Hokkaido, is all set to unveil its newest outlet in the heart of Singapore’s shopping paradise, Wisma Atria. Nestled on Level four within the OCBC Wisma Atria branch, this coffee haven promises not only a caffeine fix but also relaxation and more, with its doors officially opening on September 15.
One of the highlights of Baristart Coffee is its commitment to using pure Hokkaido dairy, renowned for its uncompromising quality. The result is creamy coffee that has captured the hearts of many, paired perfectly with their delectable cream puffs.
Their menu boasts a wide variety of offerings, including intriguing sandwich creations like the hearty Tonkatsu and the explosive Wafu Pasta. The Tonkatsu, a crowd favourite, features tender Hokkaido pork loin coated with breadcrumbs, deep-fried to crisp perfection, and enveloped between crustless white bread. It’s served with piping hot fries and gherkins, a timeless Japanese adaptation. For a fusion of East-meets-West flavours, the Wafu Pasta promises an explosion of taste with succulent prawns, crispy bacon, and crunchy asparagus, all tossed in melted butter and Japanese dashi, delivering a fragrant umami note that lingers on the palate.
What truly sets Baristart Coffee apart is its use of ultra-rich and creamy BIEI Jersey Milk from Hokkaido, which is evident in their indulgent Cream Puffs. These puffs are filled with custard made from Hokkaido milk, boasting a rich and creamy texture, all encased in a delicate and airy choux pastry shell topped with delectable crisps and sugary bits for extra crunch.
If you’re looking for a sensory awakening, their Sweet Jars are a must-try;  featuring a wobbly BIEI Jersey Milk panna cotta topped with Baristart’s special blend of espresso sauce, whipped cream, and cookie crumble. For a tropical twist, try the Strawberry or Mango options, each offering a delightful textural and flavour contrast.
And let’s not forget their signature Softcream, ideal for a refreshing treat on a hot day. Available in various flavours, including Milk, Coffee, Mixed, and Affogato, Baristart Coffee at Wisma Atria promises not just coffee but a culinary adventure that blends Hokkaido’s finest dairy with international flavours, making it a must-visit destination for coffee enthusiasts and gourmands alike.


To find out more about Baristart Coffee, head over to their Instagram page here.