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Best places to dine at this November 2023

Savouring the delights of a K-BBQ feast is an irresistible experience, and 88 Pocha, celebrated for its Korean street snacks, unveils a new gem on Duxton Hill—88 Pocha + BBQ. Nestled in Tanjong Pagar, this unique establishment seamlessly blends the charm of pojangmacha with the allure of Korean BBQ, a first in the neighborhood. The Iberico Pork set steals the spotlight, featuring blast-frozen Duroc pork accompanied by vibrant veggies, kimchi, and a dollop of Korean soybean sauce. Complementing the BBQ experience, the menu boasts delectable Korean stews and street food classics, including the comforting Soy Bean Stew. To top it off, every BBQ set comes with a complimentary Bacon Kimchi Fried Rice, adding a savoury finale to the culinary journey. With a diverse selection of drinks and booze, 88 Pocha + BBQ promises an authentic and unforgettable K-BBQ experience, proving that you can never go wrong with this culinary indulgence.
Located in the heart of charming Gemmill Lane, Ajoomma Korean Charcoal BBQ redefines the Korean barbecue experience with a sleek and stylish ambience. This avant-garde eatery promises a sophisticated, smokeless dining affair, featuring captivating spaces and private rooms equipped with top-notch karaoke systems. Offering a fusion of modern luxury and traditional Korean barbecue, the menu boasts premium cuts such as A4 Miyazaki beef and snow-aged Yukimuro full-blood Wagyu, complemented by a variety of woodfire options. The restaurant’s name, meaning ‘middle-aged woman’ in Korean, pays homage to the diligent Ajoomma’s dedication to gathering fresh ingredients, a spirit reflected in each meticulously grilled dish. With a diverse selection of meats, seafood, and signature sets, Ajoomma Korean Charcoal BBQ invites patrons to savour a perfect blend of rustic authenticity and refined comfort. Additionally, the menu features enticing starters, sides, and accompaniments.

Burgs unveils an exciting chapter in its culinary journey with a revamped menu. The single and double patty burgers now boast novel flavours, while sides and smash boxes receive fresh, inventive twists. The menu upgrade introduces thicker, juicier patties enveloped in improved buns, maintaining the chain’s commitment to affordability. Crafted in-house with top-notch ingredients and a passion for excellent food, each burger and side promises a delightful experience. New additions include the mouth-watering Black Pepper Beef Burger, the all-rounded BLT Beef Burger, and the fiery Cajun Chicken Burger, offering a spicy kick. The expanded menu promises a complete burger adventure with an array of sides, elevating the Burgs experience to unprecedented heights.

Breakfast, deemed the day’s pivotal meal, can be a morning struggle for office workers tied to their desks. The remedy? Embrace brunch! Step away from the desk routine and immerse in Hitoyoshi Ramen and Grill’s  Japanese fusion brunch. A visionary chef crafts an irresistible menu—delectable sandwiches, refreshing salads, and enticing desserts for a mid-morning delight. Standout is the Hitoyoshi Tonkatsu Sando, a culinary masterpiece of crispy pork cutlet and snowy white bread. The diverse Brunch menu caters to various tastes, while the Hitoyoshi Brunch Set offers a hearty feast. Conclude with Uji Matcha Latte and Vanilla ice cream for a unique fusion. Nestled in Mapletree Business City, Hitoyoshi seamlessly blends modernity and nature, offering an inviting and chic setting for an exceptional brunch experience.

Meow Barbecue launched the Meow Platter-In-A-Can. This offering showcases six of the restaurant’s most beloved dishes artfully arranged in a life-sized can platter. Diners can experience the thrill of unveiling the feast by peeling open the lid, akin to a standard can. From Nov 7 to Dec 31, every order of the Meow Platter-In-A-Can will contribute to Meow Barbecue’s commitment to feed one stray cat for a day. Founder Uncle Meow’s lifelong love for felines inspired this initiative, and this holiday season, the restaurant joins forces with Project LUNI, a non-governmental organization dedicated to aiding Singapore’s street cats since 2016. Eat well and do good simultaneously with Meow Barbecue’s delectable offerings and charitable mission.

Peach Garden joyfully unveils its School Holiday Promotion, embracing families with delectable offerings. Running until Jan 15, 2024, all six Peach Garden outlets invite kids aged 12 and under to relish a complimentary basket of Hong Kong Dim Sum during both lunch and dinner services. The enticing selection features culinary delights like Steamed Custard Bun with Salted Egg Yolk and Steamed Fresh Prawn Dumpling. There’s no minimum spending requirement, allowing families to combine this treat with ongoing promotions for an affordable feast with up to 50% off the Dim Sum Menu. Renowned for MSG-free creations, Peach Garden promises a healthier dining experience for young connoisseurs.

Seafood Paradise collaborates with Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh, the offshoot by Chef Gaggan Anand. Merging Singapore-style seafood expertise with Indian-Mexican flair, the result is a unique menu. Highlihts include Gaggan’s Crab Curry with Seafood Paradise Creamy Butter Crab and Fresh Canadian Oyster with Salsa Taquera. For a local twist, Seafood Paradise Mee Goreng with Ms Maria & Mr Singh’s Masala served with Papadam offers a creative spin on Chinese fried noodles. The Stir-fried Live Tiger Prawn with Gaggan’s Crab Curry Base guarantees a satisfying culinary journey, infusing succulent prawns with Gaggan Anand’s aromatic spices.

At The Curry Club Signature, Indian tradition seamlessly melds with contemporary dining, offering a novel interpretation of beloved spices and curries. This casual-fine dining establishment, founded by Mr. Raj and his two sons, pays homage to authentic flavours while infusing a fresh, fashionable flair into small plates and sharing platters. Mr. Raj’s journey, from a former Singapore Airlines cabin crew member to a street snack vendor, adds a unique flavour to the restaurant’s narrative. Chef Saumya Prakash, with 17 years of global culinary experience, crafts a menu that is both playful and flavourful. Diners can savour innovative dishes like Dosa Cone Triplets, Puri Bombs, Fire-Kissed Aubergine, FGRO Biryani, Tofu Tikki Twist, and the Smouldering Sweetness dessert, accompanied by an enticing array of cocktails.