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Black Knight Hotpot brings an authentic Taiwanese experience to Singapore

Even with our tropical climate and year-long summer, hotpot meals are still amongst one of Singaporean’s favourite comfort food. There’s just something about gathering with our buddies, cooking fresh ingredients, and bonding over bowls of warm soup. Especially during days of cold weather, hotpot makes for a perfect dining option.

After more than 40 years of delighting fans and gourmands in Taipei, Black Knight Hotpot finally finds their way to our shores with the opening of an outlet in Millenia Walk.

Known for their amazing soup bases simmered for at least 16 hours, Black Knight Hotpot brings their authentic Taiwanese experience here with a selection of 7 different tantalising flavours available as a single or double pot, each cooked upon order for a truly nourishing feast.

Complementing their renowned soups is a carefully curated array of premium ingredients, prime produce, and live seafood specially brought in from all around the world for the best quality. From classic hotpot favourites like fried bean curd roll, fish noodles, quail’s egg, lobster meatballs, and egg ramen, to handmade specials such as their shrimp paste and pork dumplings, look forward to elevating your meal further with the likes of Japanese Kagoshima A5 Wagyu, Australian lamb, and prized cuts of US Prime Beef, including the collar, belly, neck, shank, leg, fillet, and more.

At Black Knight Hotpot, there’s the Drunken Pot, a healing black chicken soup with dang gui, premium Chinese yam, goji berries, longan pulp, red dates, astragalus roots, and codonopsis root, the Fish Maw Chicken Pot, a creamy pot of collagen from kampung chicken, fish maw, dried scallops, and cordyceps, and a Nourishing Beauty Pot, which promises to be a hit with the ladies.

Fresh spice takes centre-stage with the Spicy Pot, sweetened with silky bean curd, while the Pork Tripe & Chicken Peppercorn Pot brings a peppery punch.

For a different flavour, go for their Sliced Pork Pickled Cabbage Pot, featuring juicy Okinawan pork belly, or the earthy Taro Spareribs Pot, sweetened with cabbage and dried shrimps.


Can’t wait to try them yourself? Find more information on their website here.