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Boeuf x Le Matin Patisserie’s culinary delight, a fusion of savoury and sweet

Spurred by the saying that the best things are made to be shared, the culinary maestros at Boeuf and Le Matin Patisserie have embarked on a collaborative journey to create flavours that beautifully merge the bold with the delicate, the savoury with the sweet. The result of this culinary partnership is the exquisite Boeuf x Le Matin Patisserie Sharing Set Menu.
Chefs Carlos Gan of Boeuf and Mohamed Al-Matin of Le Matin Patisserie have joined forces to offer a limited-time dining experience, available exclusively from October 1- 31, 2023. This special menu, priced at $128++ per set, is designed for sharing and encourages patrons to indulge in the artistry of these two culinary powerhouses.
The menu presents a meticulously crafted selection of appetizers, mains, and desserts that expertly blend prime cuts of meat with fine French pastries. To tantalize your taste buds, the journey begins with a Wagyu Steak Tartare, featuring Boeuf’s prime Australian F1 Wagyu Marble 6 beef, crowned with an herb-infused yolk and briny lumpfish caviar, served on a Le Matin Patisserie sourdough-based croissant.
The culinary adventure continues with a creamy Burratina di Puglia, fresh burratina embellished with roasted vine tomatoes, pine nuts for crunch, and a touch of balsamic reduction, all atop Le Matin’s heavenly sourdough-based croissant. For the main course, diners are treated to a tantalizing Horseradish Sweet Shrimp Tartine, featuring tender poached prawns, beurre noisettes crème fraiche dressing, and a topping of lumpfish caviar, complemented by Le Matin’s light and airy sourdough-based croissant. The gastronomic journey reaches its zenith with the Filet Mignon Rossini, a succulent whole steak of Australian Marble 3 tenderloin served to perfection, accompanied by seared foie gras, and drizzled with pepper jus and pickled mustard seeds, all atop laminated brioche feuilletée.

To conclude this culinary masterpiece, Chef Al-Matin presents the Fromage de Vos Reves, a delightful combination of comte sponge, Reblochon cremeux, Brillat savarin mousse, and a milk crumble glaze. Chef Carlos offers the grand finale with Moelleux au Chocolat, a rich and indulgent dessert made from Weiss Komele 70% cacao, further enhanced with Madagascar vanilla and whipped mascarpone.

This exclusive sharing set menu is a testament to the culinary expertise and creativity of Boeuf and Le Matin Patisserie, and it’s a must-try for food enthusiasts seeking a memorable dining experience. Indulge in this gastronomic journey and savour the harmonious marriage of flavours crafted by two renowned chefs.


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