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Burger perfection arrives in Singapore: Honbo opens at CHIJMES

Singapore’s culinary landscape is about to get a taste of Hong Kong’s burger sensation as Honbo, the homegrown burger joint, ventures overseas for the first time. Nestled within the iconic CHIJMES, Honbo is set to serve up its unique rendition of simple and straightforward American-style burgers that have captured the hearts and appetites of diners in Hong Kong and beyond.
Since its inauguration in 2017 along Sun Street in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, Honbo has garnered a loyal following, with queues that snake through the streets. What sets Honbo apart is its commitment to quality, with everything made in-house and free from preservatives and nasties. From the buns to the patties, sauces, and toppings, only the finest ingredients make the cut.
At the heart of Honbo’s success is its dedication to crafting distinctively delicious burgers. The key to their delectable patties lies in the fresh, high-quality beef imported exclusively from Wisconsin, USA. Sourced from 36-month-old Holstein and Angus breed cattle, fed with the finest corn, this premium beef yields a deeper depth of flavour.
Honbo’s menu features a range of thoughtfully curated burgers, each designed to delight the palate. For burger purists, the HONBO Burger is a must-try, featuring two crispy beef patties, cheese, pickles, onion, and house sauce. For those craving variety, options like the Teriyaki Chicken Burger, Impossible Burger, and Scallop Burger offer enticing alternatives.
Honbo goes beyond just burgers, offering sides like fries, coleslaw, chili crunch Brussels sprouts, and more to complement the burger experience. To quench your thirst, Honbo serves up a selection of refreshing drinks, including their own draft beer and innovative concoctions like the Apple Pie Iced Tea.
As the doors of Honbo open in Singapore on Jul 28, locals and international gourmands alike can look forward to indulging in the burger perfection that has won accolades and hearts across Hong Kong. With its commitment to quality, sustainability, and inventive flavours, Honbo is set to make a significant impact on the city-state’s vibrant culinary scene. So mark your calendars and get ready to bite into the burger goodness that is Honbo!


To find out more, visit HONBO’s website here.