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Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with Crystal Jade’s exclusive CNY menus

We dare say you’ve definitely heard of them – with their extensive presence in Singapore and across major cities in the Asia Pacific region, the Crystal Jade group of restaurants have become almost synonymous with Chinese dining here. Whether it’s for a casual meal, an intimate date, or a luxurious celebration, they’ve got us covered.

Leaping into the Year of the Rabbit, Crystal Jade welcomes the Spring Festival with a series of limited-time festive dishes and menus across their portfolio of quality restaurants.

Led by Group Executive Chef Martin Foo, this year’s new Yusheng creation is a Golden Harvest Sea Cucumber Yusheng, available at Crystal Jade Palace, Crystal Jade Golden Palace, and Crystal Jade Pavilion. A yearly CNY highlight, this year’s rendition features a contemporary take on the Shunde-style Yusheng, incorporating tender slices of Australian sea cucumber for a light, refreshing, and appetising start of meal.

At their flagship Crystal Jade Palace, look out for special dim sum items such as Steamed Siew Mai with Abalone and Black Moss and Steamed Crab Meat and Mustard Dumpling to complement your festive feast, before digging into indulgent highlights like a bowl of Poached Chinese Cabbage with Superior Bird’s Nest, the tasty Poached Wild Soon Hock in Pickled Tomato Soup, and a unique Braised Abalone with Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw & Conpoy on Crispy Hor Fun. The bite-sized Crispy Ginger with Orange Peel Nian Gao is also one that you absolutely have to try.

Over at Crystal Jade Golden Palace, their menu highlights the Teochew influence that the restaurant has been known for. Alongside perennial favourites, their Teochew-centric CNY specials include a lavish Steamed Boston Lobster with Puning Bean Sauce, Vermicelli & Garlic, Pan-fried Pomfret with Radish & Yellow Bean in Teochew style Broth, Crispy Spring Chicken marinated with Fermented Bean Curd, and a Sautéed Eight Treasure Colourful Vegetable Medley.

For a picturesque waterfront celebration, Crystal Jade Pavilion boasts highlights such as the rich Double-boiled Eight Head Abalone Soup with American Ginseng and Double- boiled Kampung Chicken with Dendrobium Nobile, Peach Gum & Sea Whelk Soup options, Crispy Premium Loin Rib marinated with Dang Gui, as well as Caviar, Roasted Chicken Skin with Pan-seared Foie Gras on Toast.


Find out more about Crystal Jade’s CNY menus and what their other outlets have to offer via their website here.