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Celebrate your parents’ love with Soup Restaurant’s curated set menus

Beloved for their comforting creations and nostalgic flavours, Soup Restaurant acclaimed dining experience brings us back to our roots with their heritage-rich dishes and unforgettable communal dishes.

Most widely known for their iconic Samsui Ginger Chicken, the popular family restaurant joins in on the upcoming Mother’s Day celebration with two specially curated set menus of their own.

Going the extra mile to honour all parents – both fathers and mothers – caregivers, and all our loved ones, their exclusive Parents’ Day Set Menus are available from now till Jun 30. Serving up carefully crafted dishes that highlight the importance of maintaining our health and wellness, bond with loved ones this season as you indulge in their Appreciation Set and Wellness Set.

Made to cater for all group sizes from an intimate 2 pax date to a 10 pax feast, dig into a scrumptious spread featuring highlights like Fish Maw Crab Meat Collagen Soup, Samsui Ginger Pearl Rice with Baby Abalone, Asparagus with Scallop and Walnut, and Teochew Steamed Uncle Lapan Fish on the Appreciation Set menu.

On the Wellness Set menu, diners can look forward to a nourishing Double-Boiled Walnut with Prime Ribs Soup, mouth-watering Abalone with Braised Vegetables and Pumpkin, Assorted Mushrooms with Asparagus in Black Truffle Oil, and a platter of handmade Double Happiness Kaya Baos with Longevity Buns.

Both sets also come with refreshing servings of Citrus Plum Aloe Vera Jelly desserts, as well as their famed Samsui Ginger Chicken.

For those who wish to celebrate at home, go for their Parents’ Day takeaway options. For 3 pax, the Celebration Set comes with the Samsui Ginger Chicken, Samsui Ginger Pearl Rice with Baby Abalone, a Boiled Soup of the Day, Honey Pork Chop with Black Dates, and Garlic Broccoli.

Their 5-pax option replaces the Samsui Ginger Pearl Rice, Honey Pork Chop, and Garlic Broccoli with Yong Chow Fried Rice, Abalone with Braised Vegetables and Pumpkin, and Citrus Plum Aloe Vera Jelly.


To place your orders or find out more, head over to Soup Restaurant’s website here.