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Châteraisé sweetens Tampines West with irresistible desserts

Singapore’s beloved pastry brand, Châteraisé, is making waves yet again with the exciting launch of its latest store at Tampines West Community Club. While smaller in size compared to its predecessors, this charming outlet promises an array of Châteraisé’s finest and most beloved treats, including the famed Chocolate Bucky series, Cream Puffs, and Fruit Ice Candy. The doors to this delectable haven will swing open on Aug 10, 2023.
The star of Châteraisé’s offerings, the Chocolate Bucky series, has captivated taste buds since its inception in March 2018. With over 300 million units sold, the series enjoys a dedicated fan base. The flagship Chocolate Bucky Vanilla is a delightful marriage of crispy chocolate and velvety vanilla ice cream. This ingenious combination creates a tantalizing play of textures that evolve with each indulgent bite.
In addition to this, connoisseurs can relish unique flavours such as Chocolate Bucky Banana and Chocolate Bucky Affogato Ice Cream. Crafted from luscious Ecuadorian bananas, the Chocolate Bucky Banana boasts a symphony of flavours – crunchy, creamy, and delightfully fragrant. For those seeking a cooler treat, the Premium Juicy Ice Candy awaits. Made with pristine Hakushu water and infused with the essence of Japanese treasures like Kyoho grapes and Amaou strawberries, these popsicle-like delights offer an invigorating burst of flavour.
Châteraisé’s new store is a paradise for cream puff enthusiasts too. The creamy Double Fantasy, Custard, and Vietnam Coffee variations are poised to enchant palates. The Custard and Vietnam Coffee fillings are a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, sourcing milk from the Đà Lạt Plateau in Vietnam.
But the indulgence doesn’t stop here. The store is stocked with other heavenly delights, such as the Fruit Jelly, Mitarashi Dumpling Cup, Longevity Ring, and Fluffy Cream Roll. And here’s the cherry on top: from Aug 10 to 16, customers will receive a complimentary Strawberry Cake with each purchase – a light and fluffy creation that perfectly encapsulates Châteraisé’s dedication to scrumptious treats.
Discover a world of delectable delights at Châteraisé’s latest outlet in Tampines West Community Club. Calling all dessert lovers to explore a palate-pleasing journey, this intimate store promises an array of flavours and textures that will leave you craving for more. Make a date for Aug 10 and indulge in an unforgettable culinary escapade.


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