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Chatterbox serves up new dishes alongside their world-famous favourites

Known all around the world for their legendary chicken rice, Chatterbox has built a reputation for their unflinching commitment to marry authentic Singaporean hawker food with the prime quality of luxurious dining. Satisfying generations of Singaporeans and visiting gourmands for over 50 years now, their vibrant menu is a gastronomic showcase of our multicultural heritage and food scene.

And just like what they did with chicken rice, other street-side flavours have been transformed into unforgettable experiences with time-honoured and very fiercely guarded recipes.

Located at the current Hilton Singapore Orchard, dive into Chatterbox’s signature blend of nostalgia and modernity as you dig into dishes overflowing with stories of yesteryears. Alongside favourites like their renowned Mandarin Chicken RiceLobster LaksaChatterbox RojakOrh Jian Oyster Omelette and more, foodies also get to look forward to brand new items on the menu this season.

Whet your appetite with their Malay-style Long Bean salad tossed with bright and tangy calamansi juice, then dig into the fragrant Coffee Pork Ribs, grilled and glazed with a coffee Kahlua sauce for a savoury, sweet, and sticky dish all at the same time.

Seafood lovers will absolutely enjoy the succulent Nyonya Assam Barramundi, swimming in a sweet and sour Nyonya-style curry.

Complementing the feast at Chatterbox are refreshing flavours from distinctly local quenchers like the Chatterbox’s Coconut Shake with chin chow and azuki red bean and timeless Calamansi and Sour Plum.

Then end your meal on a high with their famed Signature Coconut Ice Cream with crunchy walnuts and tropical fruits, or opt for a different experience with their elevated Chendol or rich Pandan Cake and Gelato.

If you’re planning to head over soon, be sure to make your reservations early to ensure a spot at the restaurant


To find out more, visit Chatterbox’s website here.