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Chen’s Mapo Tofu serves up bold flavours of authentic Szechwan offerings

By the same brilliant people behind two-Michelin-starred Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro, sister concept Chen’s Mapo Tofu is a casual dining experience that serves up a fresh spin on classic Szechwan cuisine. Fans of Shisen Hanten will recognise the name: the new concept revolves around the illustrious signature dish of the same name at the fine dining restaurant.

Awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand in 2019 and 2021, the tantalising concept is yet another exceptional culinary option by OUE Restaurants.

Located at Downtown Galllery along Shenton Way and at The Star Vista, the highly popular restaurant serves up an unforgettable treat with authentic Japanese-Szechwan classics. Presenting everything from fragrant notes to fiery spice, spice lovers looking for a real punch filled with delicious flavours will definitely not be disappointed.

Their signature Mapo Don and Mapo Mien comes in three mapo spicy levels. Level 1 being the original flavour, go for this if you’re looking for a balanced dish. For the average diner, level 1 already packs some heat, so we recommend not being overly ambitious with your mapo spicy levels. If you’re unsure whether you prefer your mapo tofu with Hokkaido rice or ramen, go for their Signature Combo with two halves of each.

Apart from mapo tofu, other dishes to check out include their spicy Dan Dan Mien with minced pork, Szechwan spiced Shoyu Kurobuta Don, and juicy Yakiniku Don.

For a different bite, their Mala Aburi Chashu features charred Japanese chashu marinated with Szechwan mala sauce, served with your choice of Egg Garlic Chahan, Shishito Mien, or Kombu Mien. Another highly recommended dish you should absolutely try is their Grilled Abalone, serving up 3 pieces of succulent abalones topped with Shishito pepper, yellow pepper, and minced garlic respectively.

Complement your meal with equally intense side dishes such as the silky Szechwan Century Egg and Tofu, Spicy Szechwan Dumplings, and their irresistible Szechwan Popcorn Chicken.

Heads up to the spice lovers out there looking for a real challenge: approach the staff for a truly spicy encounter that’s way beyond the menu’s level 3 spice.


For more on Chen’s Mapo Tofu, check out their Facebook page here.