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Common Man Coffee Roasters & Common Man Night Shift: A culinary oasis in Alexandra Road

Common Man Coffee Roasters and Common Man Night Shift have discovered their perfect new abode on Alexandra Road, becoming a beloved retreat for coffee aficionados, natural wine enthusiasts, and culinary enthusiasts alike. Set within an enchanting green and white standalone edifice in front of Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, this latest CMCR & CMNS sanctuary welcomes guests from sunrise to sunset.

In true CMCR fashion, patrons effortlessly segue from relishing meticulously roasted coffees to savouring their iconic all-day brunch creations, like the hearty Common Man Full Breakfast ($30) and the exotic Turkish Common Man Breakfast ($29). As dusk casts its veil, the cafe undergoes a metamorphosis into CMNS. Epicureans are treated to a wide selection of over 80 labels of natural wines, including more than 18 available by the glass. These wines harmonize seamlessly with a repertoire of elegant and unexpected dishes that enchant all senses.
The menu boasts a spectrum of Sourdough Pizzas (starting from $18), from the flavour-packed Umami Magic ($22) to the opulent Duck & Foie Gras Pie ($38) and the delectable Cacio e Pepe Udon Pasta ($24). This establishment encapsulates all-encompassing delight for those in pursuit of extraordinary experiences from dawn till dusk.
With the new locale comes a trifecta of new menu marvels. The Conti Sandwich ($29) stands as a must-indulge, adorned with creamy stracciatella, tangy sun-blushed tomatoes, shaved ham, chorizo, pecorino cream, and basil paste, nestled within freshly baked focaccia. For a medley of flavours and crisp textures, the Grilled Veggie Salad ($27) pairs perfectly with a luscious orange miso and briny anchovy cream dressing.
Brunch meets dessert with the Louign Amann Toast ($25), transforming the timeless viennoiserie into a delectable French toast variant. A symphony of crispness, sweetness, and stickiness is elevated by vanilla bean ice cream, cherries, plum compote, chocolate granola nuts, flaked almonds, and a drizzle of chocolate sauce.
Be it a quest for a classic brunch haven during daylight hours or a yearning to embrace the vibrant ambience of Common Man Night Shift as twilight descends, guests are poised for an extraordinary experience that promises culinary enchantment.


For reservations or more information about CMCR and CMNS, head over to their website here