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CouCou Singapore celebrates 7 years with new menu items and a Laksa soup base

Revolutionising the way we enjoy hotpot and Taiwanese culinary treats, CouCou’s beloved combination of signature hotpot choices and authentic bubble milk tea has made them a popular choice for foodies looking to bond over a delightful hotpot feast with friends and family.

Celebrating 7 years since the very first CouCou Hotpot was founded, CouCou Singapore takes it up a notch with a refreshed menu of new food offerings that promise to wow fans and hungry Singaporeans alike.

Whenever we visit CouCou, their signature Taiwanese Style Spicy Soup Base is a must-have. An undisputed local favourite, the soup is not only flavourful and full of fragrant spices, but is also light and not too fiery – making it an easy mala soup base to drink and enjoy.

Pushing the boundaries of their amazing soup base selection further, they now offer a new local-inspired Nanyang Laksa Soup Base. Filled with Nanyang curry spices, tofu puffs, and a brilliant addition of hazelnuts for a touch of nutty notes, indulge in a rich and creamy curry overflowing with a medley of flavours familiar to us.

The new menu also presents the F1 Wagyu Japanese Sirloin from Kyushu. Incredibly tender, well-marbled, and full of flavour, the corn-based diet of the cows give us that unparalleled taste that’s so good we wouldn’t even need any dipping sauce.

Seafood lovers may look forward to servings of Angka Prawns, all locally sourced so you can be sure they’re extra fresh.

Making it extra special, the new menu boasts an array of items exclusive to their Singapore outlets. Head over to one of their 3 local outlets now and order up the Singapore-exclusive Beancurd PuffCuttlefish Stuffed Portobello Mushroom with TobikoBaby Butter Lettuce, and cooked sides the likes of a fluffy Fried Lotus Leaf Bun and delicious Deep-Fried Oyster.

Head over from now till Jul 09 to enjoy a free Ceylon Black Tea with Fresh Lemon with every order of the laksa soup base, as well as a free item with every 2 items ordered from the new menu.


To find out more, check out CouCou Singapore’s Instagram page here.