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Culinary fusion at its finest at Martin’s Kitchen

Martin‘s Kitchen stands out as a unique and delightful dining experience. What began as a passion for Hakka cuisine has blossomed into a tangible dream, where the fusion of Mexican, European, and Hakka flavours takes centre stage. This is a restaurant that proudly introduces the concept of trinity cuisine, a culinary innovation that’s the first of its kind in Singapore. At Martin‘s Kitchen, the fusion of diverse culinary traditions becomes a celebration that captivates food enthusiasts from all walks of life.

At Martin’s Kitchen, the helm is expertly manned by Chef Cheng Wei Liang, a seasoned master boasting over a decade of culinary expertise, with a trail of success in renowned establishments like Super Loco, Ce La Vi, and Brasserie Wolf, making him the ideal captain for this culinary odyssey. As you set sail on a gastronomic voyage at Martin’s Kitchen, be prepared to indulge in the delectable delights of their Hakka Ravioli – these delightful dumplings, resembling traditional ravioli, cradle a succulent pork and fish filling, and are artfully served in a harmonious fusion of Szechuan sauce and zesty habanero oil, crowned with a crispy yam topping that adds a satisfying crunch to this culinary masterpiece.
If you’re a fan of Lei Cha, the Hakka Lei Cha Chopped Salad is an absolute must-try. Here, Chef Wei Liang’s signature matcha vinaigrette dressing takes the spotlight, gracefully drizzled over a medley of freshly chopped greens, including haricot, preserved radish, endive, and garnished with spiced peanut and tofu. The subtle matcha undertone, combined with a zesty vinaigrette touch, introduces a delightful and refreshing twist to this timeless dish.
The Abacus Seed Yam Gnocchi is a hallmark of Hakka cuisine, symbolizing wealth and prosperity. This dish cleverly uses yam to replicate the chewy texture found in gnocchi, paired with leek, shimeji, dried shrimp, sakura ebi, and dried ceps, all enhanced by a secret in-house sauce. In dedication to Hakka cuisine, Chef Wei Liang prepares the Thunder Tea Barramundi, which boasts a tender, flaky texture with a crispy golden-brown skin. Immersed in a specially crafted Thunder Tea broth, this dish offers a unique and memorable dining experience with a delicate interplay of different fish textures.
The Hakka Noodles is a fusion of Hakka and Mexican cuisines. Handmade noodles crafted with the finest flour are paired with red fermented pork marinated in nan u (fermented tofu) and an array of fiery flavours, including red habanero, jalapeños habanero, and chipotle hot sauce. Each sauce lends its distinct kick to this dish. Martin’s Kitchen brings an innovative twist to the traditional Kong Ba Pao by using a tortilla instead of traditional steam buns for the braised pork belly taco. coriander mayo, a popular condiment in Mexican cuisine, adds a fresh and creamy kick to this slow-cooked, rich and savoury dish.
While Martin‘s Kitchen is known for its Hakka cuisine, it also offers locally-inspired dishes like the Hokkien Mee Tagliatelle, featuring handmade squid ink tagliatelle and broth simmered for eight hours, creating a rich and robust flavour profile. To complete your dining experience, don’t miss the Hakka Mochi Qiba, which reinvents traditional Hakka mochi with unique flavours like coconut, peanut brittle, red bean jelly, and an enticing orange chocolate glaze.
And for a captivating finish, indulge in the Thunder Tea Cocktail, a mesmerizing blend of whiskey, artisanal rice milk, vibrant matcha, rich black tea, garnished with silverfish and crunchy peanuts. Other notable cocktails like Martin’s Negroni and Flor De Sauco add the perfect touch to unwind after a long day.
Martin‘s Kitchen combines the best of various culinary traditions to create a memorable dining experience. With Chef Cheng Wei Liang’s innovative creations and dedication to fusion cuisine, it’s a must-visit for food enthusiasts looking for a unique and tantalising gastronomic adventure.

Venue: Martin’s Kitchen Address: 56 Zion Rd Singapore 247781 Opening Hours: 11am- 3pm, 6pm-10.30pm

To find out more about these delicious dishes, visit Martin’s Kitchen’s website here.