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Dian Xiao Er’s culinary extravaganza: The ultimate Chef Showdown

Prepare your taste buds, because Dian Xiao Er is back with its highly anticipated MasterChef Competition, unleashing the culinary talents of its master chefs from 15 different outlets across the island. It’s a gastronomic showdown where everyone wins, and adventurous foodies are in for a treat.
The Chef Showdown features 16 chefs creating 16 exclusive dishes, each a culinary masterpiece in its own right. For those with an insatiable appetite for adventure, trying all 16 dishes and collecting a stamp for each one could lead to winning up to $360 in dining vouchers to indulge in more of Dian Xiao Er’s delectable offerings.
Dian Xiao Er is renowned for its Signature Herbal Roast Ducks, made from the finest Cherry Valley ducks and the freshest ingredients. These ducks are marinated with a blend of Chinese herbs and spices, then roasted to golden perfection, resulting in a crisp and succulent dish. Accompanied by a specially crafted herbal sauce, it’s a culinary temptation that’s impossible to resist.
Here’s a sneak peek at some mouthwatering highlights:
  1. Addictive Garlic Wings (Serangoon NEX): A finger-licking dish bursting with garlic aroma, crispy on the outside, and tender inside, a perfect pairing with your favourite beer.

  2. Crispy Golden Chinese Yam (VivoCity): This crispy Chinese yam boasts high nutritional value, adored by all ages and vanishing within seconds once served. A good source of dietary fiber, vitamins C, and B6.

  3. Handmade Cheesy Squid Prawn Balls (Lot One): Delightfully bouncy with a surprise cheese filling, these squid prawn balls are a cheese lover’s dream come true.

  4. Nourishing Sugarcane Arrowroot Pork Rib Soup (Hillion Mall): This revitalizing soup combines sugarcane, arrowroot, and tender pork ribs, suitable for all ages.

  5. Fish Paste with Chinese Cabbage in Claypot (Jurong Point): Experience the delicate fish paste paired with a milky white soup base, enhanced by the freshness and sweetness of baby cabbage. Sprinkled with fried shredded taro for an extra heavenly touch.

  6. White Pepper Prawn with Vermicelli in Claypot (Causeway Point): Spiced with a subtle kick, the white pepper prawns, along with vermicelli soaked in delicious broth, offer an endlessly memorable and immensely satisfying dining experience.

Simply visit any Dian Xiao Er outlet and order a Chef Showdown dish with a minimum spend of $40. If you don’t have a Dian Xiao Er Stamp Card, you’ll receive one along with your first stamp. To collect all the stamps, you’ll need to explore all 15 outlets and savour their respective Chef Showdown dishes. Diners at Bedok Mall, Jewel, or Downtown East have the opportunity to earn up to 2 stamps, with Bedok Mall offering 2 unique Chef Showdown dishes. Gather all four stamps from a specific area: North, South, East, or West and claim a $15 voucher. Each area has four outlets contributing to this exciting competition. As for the grand prize, you’ll need to collect all 16 stamps from every outlet. So, embark on this culinary odyssey, sampling 16 exquisite dishes from Dian Xiao Er and be rewarded.



To find out more about Dian Xiao Er’s Chef Showdown, head over to their website here.