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Dig into unforgettable Cantonese fare with Char restaurant’s refreshed menu

Imagine roast meat so good that even the Michelin Guide had to recognise them for their finesse in Cantonese food. Making a name for themselves with amazing Cantonese roast meats that just hit differently from the multitude of others on the market, the time-tested Char Chinese restaurant welcomes a new chapter as they celebrate their ninth anniversary.

Presenting a refreshed menu as they maintain their dedication to constantly offer the most novel and tantalising experiences, Char’s newest creations join a list of reimagined classics that promise to evoke your favourite memories of Chinese delicacies.

Housed within a heritage-rich conservation shophouse itself, they’ve also recently renovated the space to offer diners a vibrant environment oozing with contemporary charm. Naturally, at Char, you’ll never have enough of their unforgettable Signature Char Siew and Crispy Roast Pork. Incredibly juicy, tender, and flavourful all at once, we’ll always recommend ordering more. If you just can’t decide which to get though, go for their Double Roast option to enjoy the best of both worlds with 200g of each at the same time.

Elevating your meaty indulgence further is the new Mala Char Siew. Marinated with Char’s house-made Mala sauce consisting of 13 different spices, the aromatic dish packs a delightful punch for foodies who love a fiery dish.

Looking for something easier on the palate? Their Free-Range Soya Sauce Chicken is a succulent gem marinated with a special blend of soya sauce and Chinese spices, or have the Free-Range Roast Chicken, infused with an array of spices then roasted till golden-brown.

Dig into new appetisers like Cold Spicy Mushrooms and the irresistible Salted Egg Fish Skin, then warm your tummy with a comforting Pig’s Stomach with Anxin Chicken Soup, and enjoy a one-of-a-kind Okra Banana Delight, with torched sliced bananas and sautéed okra.

The unique Spicy Sichuan Chicken with Ice Cream upgrades the classic La Zi Ji with creamy indulgence, while the smoky Hobgoblin Pork Ribs captivates our palate with their full-bodied UK dark ale marinade.

Other highlights to head over for include their Tornado Butter Egg Prawns with buttery egg floss, Sambal Clams, Dry Curry Clams, and absolutely mouth-watering Crabmeat Fried Rice.


To find out more about Char and their new offerings, head over to their website here.