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Discover Singapore’s first chai specialty café at Good Chai People

Made from unique blends of spices and tea, the rich aroma of chai and their satisfying taste bring with them a long line of refined culinary experimentation and tradition. Captivating us with that distinct flavour every single time, it’s finally their time to shine as the leading star of Singapore’s very first chai specialty café. At the Good Chai People, discover a whole new world with their handmade artisanal sticky chai.

A beautifully designed café with a one-of-a-kind menu, you’ll not regret making them your next destination to explore.

Taking them over a year of dedicated research to perfect the chai-making process, the Good Chai People went through more than 150 cups of chai from cafés in different countries to gain a deeper insight on chai’s complexities and variations, in order to finally produce their current menu of offerings; a menu of chai beverages that they’re sure will agree with the local palate and sweep us all off our feet with amazing flavour.

To complement the experience, they also boast a mouth-watering menu of hearty brunch and mains options. Their Burnt Brussels Sprouts with nori and yuzu sesame drizzle, for instance, is a must-have that will blow your mind. Other highlights to whet your appetite include Mommy’s Spinach with Gruyère cheese, bechamel sauce, brown butter, and fried eggs, as well as their Miso White Wine Vongole.

On the mains menu, go for stars such as Prawn Chorizo Aglio Olio, a vibrant Yuzu Salmon Open-Faced Toast, or an incredibly tender and flavourful 24-Hr Beef Brisket.

Moving on to dessert, foodies absolutely have to go for their standout French Toast Lovin’ for a taste of real decadent dining; the unforgettable dish serves up thick Brioche French toast with whipped cream cheese, homemade berries compote, and a maple thyme drizzle.

They even have specially curated platters for bigger groups to indulge in!


Can’t wait to try them? Head over to their website here for more information.