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Elevating culinary adventure with a thrilling rebranding and farm-to-table delight at Crafted by Peter Zwiener

Crafted by Peter Zwiener, renowned for its exceptional dining experience, undergoes an exhilarating transformation with captivating rebranding and enticing new menu items. This evolution reflects unwavering commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and delivering an unforgettable culinary adventure. The revitalized brand image seamlessly combines modern aesthetics with timeless charm, promising an immersive and unforgettable dining experience.

The heart of Crafted by Peter Zwiener’s rebranding lies in its carefully curated new menu items, tantalizing taste buds with a harmonious fusion of contemporary and traditional culinary techniques. Using the finest and seasonal ingredients, the menu boasts extraordinary flavour profiles sure to amaze and delight even the most discerning palates.

Executive Chef JC joyfully announces a separate menu for the upcoming autumn season, featuring responsibly sourced produce from around the world to embody the farm-to-table philosophy. Crafted’s culinary excellence extends to highly sought-after dishes like the Black Miso Cod Fish ($58++), Grilled Octopus ($39++), and Braised Beef Cheek ($48++). As Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Singapore’s sister outlet, Crafted proudly partners with local and global farmers and suppliers, guaranteeing the freshest and finest quality produce for an authentic farm-to-table dining experience.
Diners can relish in fresh and healthy salads and USDA Certified Prime Beef, expertly dry-aged for at least 28 days to deliver a deep, concentrated flavour profile. Complementing the main courses are heartwarming sides like Bacon Mac N’ Cheese and Jumbo Asparagus, adding a perfect finishing touch to each dining experience.
Crafted by Peter Zwiener enchants with classic, refined wood grains, sophisticated turquoise, red, and neon palettes, fostering a casual, laid-back setting for ultimate satisfaction.
With unwavering dedication to innovation, culinary excellence, and farm-to-table philosophy, Crafted by Peter Zwiener remains the premier culinary destination, promising extraordinary and unforgettable dining adventures with every visit.


For more information on Crafted and their new menu, visit the website here