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Embark on a gastronomic Mediterranean journey at Noa Lounge

Noa Lounge made its grand entrance in August 2023, exuding elegance and brimming with energy. Nestled on the ground floor of the Mondrian Singapore Duxton, this sophisticated restaurant and bar promised to transport diners on a culinary journey across the Mediterranean. Conceived by the renowned BARMUTEARY F&B Group, creators of Olivia Restaurant & Lounge and Queic pastry shop, Noa Lounge stands as a beacon of diverse flavours and cultural fusion.

Noa Lounge takes gastronomy enthusiasts on an adventure through the Eastern Mediterranean, Southern Europe, and North Africa. With meticulous attention to detail, the BARMUTEARY team combines thoughtful design, impeccable service, and a warm atmosphere to curate an enchanting dining experience. The restaurant’s ambience reflects the intricate tapestry of Mediterranean cultural amalgamation, a testament to centuries of trade and migration that shaped the region.

Lively gatherings of families and friends have been savouring the simple joys of camaraderie while indulging in an array of delectable dishes.  The visionary behind Noa’s menu is Chef Alain Devahive, a maestro in the culinary realm with an impressive history, including a decade-long tenure at Spain’s renowned elBulli Restaurant.

The Noa menu has captivated palates with a melange of flavours spanning Spain, Italy, France, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, and beyond. Culinary highlights include succulent Lamb Kofta Meatballs, a sublime Barbecue Salmon accompanied by vibrant Chraimeh sauce and smoky Baba Ganoush, and the explosive Barcelona Bombs infused with the fiery allure of harissa and creamy alioli sauce.

Beyond its culinary offerings, Noa Lounge’s design resonates with the essence of the Mediterranean. Created by Cristina Cela of Cris Cela Studio, the space seamlessly fuses French brasserie elegance, Italian trattoria charm, and authentic Arabic-style lounges. A towering 4.5-meter bar takes center stage, facilitating social interaction and conversations throughout the day and night.

Since its opening, Noa Lounge has been satisfying appetites and creating an unparalleled atmosphere that encapsulates the spirit of the Mediterranean. With its fusion of flavours, meticulous design, and a commitment to crafting unique experiences, Noa Lounge has swiftly become a culinary landmark where patrons can savour not just food but also the essence of the Mediterranean way of life.


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