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Embarking on a culinary odyssey: Exploring Myanmar’s essence at Burma Social

Imagine stepping into a realm where the dreams of Myanmar’s golden pagodas, lush green valleys, and vibrant jewel-toned lakes come alive not just in sight and sound, but in the very taste that dances on your palate. This ethereal experience is brought to life at Burma Social, Singapore’s pioneering multicultural restaurant and bar, offering an exceptional Feast of Six Kingdoms. This culinary voyage transcends borders, interweaving traditional Burmese recipes with contemporary twists inspired by its neighboring cultures, including China, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, and Laos.
Burma Social is more than a mere restaurant; it is an immersive journey into the heart of Burmese culture and heritage. As you traverse different levels of the establishment, each adorned with distinct ambience and music, you’re invited to explore the many facets of Myanmar’s essence. Welcoming you into this narrative is the fictional persona of Prince Pyu Pyu, the curator of an extraordinary chef’s table experience known as The Prince Pyu Pyu Feast. This remarkable journey guides guests through the pinnacles of Myanmar’s culinary legacy.
From the very moment you cross the threshold into Burma Social, the echoes of Burmese traditions greet you. A resplendent Golden Hour Welcome Drink, an homage to Burmese aesthetics, is served in traditional lacquerware. As the evening unfolds, the Burmese Silk Scarf Service delights guests with a personalized silk scarf to carry home.
Begin your gastronomic adventure with a delicate Raw Coconut Milk & Broccolini Soup ($22). This sumptuous blend captures the essence of the Burmese sea, invoking the local fishermen’s dream soup made from flying fish roe during the mating season. Next, the Papaya & Mango Thoke (Ye Thu Kyun) Salad ($22) presents a fusion of flavours and textures, harmonizing bittersweet Burmese papaya with poached prawns. Fermented tea leaves star in the Laphet Nay Wai Thoke – Tea Leaf Salad ($18), offering a nutty, salty, and umami-laden experience complemented by cabbage, mixed Burmese nuts, and Brussels sprouts.
Starters at Burma Social encourage sharing, like the Crispy Tohu Jaw ($20), where a blend of Burmese and Thai basil leaves elevates tofu with a hint of sweet cinnamon. The Kyaw Swè Kyaw, Spicy Brinjal ($18), introduces a fiery burst of Burmese flavours, while Hnin Si’s Steam Puzon ($32) delivers tender prawn and mudfish cakes cooked sous vide. As the main course beckons, the Ohn-no Kyaukswe, Rice Noodles ($32), takes you on a journey through Burma’s culinary landscape. This signature dish combines knom chin rice noodles with a vegetable soup sweetened by sous vide prawns and barramundi fish cake. The Mohinga Noodle Symphony ($34), showcases the rich spices of Burma, and the Burmese Stir Fried Vegetables – Shan ($28) brings forth a medley of textures and tastes.
A sweet farewell awaits in the form of A-thi, Burnt Mango and Black Jaggery Coconut Sorbet ($14), an elegant combination of torched mango, house-made coconut sorbet, and gula melaka sorbet. Completing the sensory journey is a playful, innovative cocktail menu ($25/) and mocktails ($14/) inspired by each of the Six Kingdoms. Experience flavours that range from the Great Salted Plum, an East-inspired Whiskey Sour, to the Ginger Seduction, a luscious reimagination of Dark & Stormy with Thai Palm Sugar and Black Tears Spiced Rum.
In Singapore’s dynamic culinary landscape, Burma Social stands as an embodiment of cross-cultural storytelling, inviting guests to relish not only the diverse flavours but also the essence of Myanmar’s heritage. Through the lens of Prince Pyu Pyu’s curated journey, this remarkable establishment brings to life a realm where history, culture, and cuisine converge in a symphony of taste and experience.


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