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Feast on Tarabagani Red King Crabs and Kegani Crabs at their peak this season

Hailing all the way from Sapporo, Japan, the highly acclaimed Nagai Hokkaido Cuisine brings their unique brand of Kaiseki dining here to Singapore, offering foodies here the chance to indulge in an exquisite affair beloved by Japanese politicians, celebrities, and even the Imperial Family themselves!

Known for their fresh produce and intimate atmosphere, the outlet here in Singapore is helmed by Head Chef Makoto Nagai, the son of founding Chef Shinichiro Nagai himself.

Delightfully transporting fans and foodies to Hokkaido itself with their impressive dishes and hospitality, the omakase restaurant now gives us yet another reason to rejoice with the launch of their new Seasonal Executive Set Meal and expanded Lunch Sets.

Putting the spotlight on the Tarabagani Red King Crab this season, the Seasonal Executive Set Meal features the crab as its star ingredient. The most coveted – and most expensive by cost per unit – of all commercially sold King Crabs, the Tarabagani Red King Crab adds a touch of premium indulgence to the set meal’s convenience. Served in a myriad of ways, the limited set presents it grilled, shredded over rice, and even as a foundation for its delicious crab soup.

In addition to the Tarabagani Red King Crab, Nagai Hokkaido also presents whole Kegani Crabs (or Hairy Crabs) to dig into this season. Steamed in the most traditional manner and served with ginger and vinegar dipping sauces, taste the fresh sweetness of Kegani Crabs served at the peak of its season.

If you’re going for their omakase menus, you’ll also be in for a treat as they serve up peak Kegani Crabs in different iterations; look forward to tasting them either fresh, poached, grilled, or simmered in hearty broths.

Looking for a quick fuss-free lunch? Their Lunch Sets now boast an amazing 30 selections to choose from. Find elevated versions of the classic Maguro Don, enjoy a Maguro Otoro Don Set, have the Three Colours Maguro Don Set to taste different parts of tuna, or go for other highlights like their Mini Barachirashi Don, Sushi & Tempura Set, and Grilled Gindara Set.


For more on Nagai Hokkaido Cuisine and their latest offerings, check out their Facebook page here.