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Go back in time with The Hainan Story and exclusive MADE with MILO series

In a delightful union of flavours and creativity, MILO and The Hainan Story proudly present the tantalizing MADE with MILO series, a collection of exclusive specialty dishes that pay homage to cherished moments. With four delectable items making their debut, this limited-time collaboration sets the stage for an exciting line-up of future MADE with MILO products.

Collaborating closely with The Hainan Story’s culinary team, the MADE with MILO series showcases a harmonious marriage between the iconic taste of MILO’s rich chocolate goodness and the vibrant palette of local Hainanese cuisine. Each dish is a symphony of flavours that promises an unforgettable culinary experience.

Now gracing the menus of all The Hainan Story outlets, the MADE with MILO series invites you to explore its captivating offerings. Embark on a savoury journey with the MADE with MILO Hainanese Crispy Chicken Cutlet, where the crispy chicken is lavishly coated with MILO powder and accompanied by a tantalizing Hainanese BBQ sauce.

For a breakfast or tea-time delight, savour the irresistible MADE with MILO Toast, where thick, fluffy toast is adorned with a luscious drizzle of condensed milk and a generous sprinkle of MILO powder.

Elevating indulgence to new heights, the MADE with MILO Hainan Three Treasures presents a fragrant blend of coffee, tea, and MILO in a single harmonious concoction. And as a grand finale, relish the sumptuous delight of the MADE with MILO Swiss Roll, exquisitely rich and creamy.

With this collaborative venture, MILO and The Hainan Story have not only crafted a gastronomic masterpiece but have also woven together a narrative that celebrates the confluence of culinary artistry. Whether you’re a fervent food enthusiast or an adventurous palate explorer, the MADE with MILO series promises a symphony of flavours that beckons you to savour every bite.

For those eager to delve into this culinary delight, the MADE with MILO series is an invitation to embrace the blend of tradition and innovation, indulgence and heartwarming memories. Be prepared to embark on a journey of taste and nostalgia.


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