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Haidilao releases a new soup base with the debut of new menu mainstays

There’s just something about hotpot that gets to us. Perhaps it’s the warmth of dining with our favourite people, picking our beloved flavours, doing our food just the way we want them done, or simply the joy of sharing a table and taking time to bond with loved ones over comforting soup and meat.

Taking over the world one hotpot restaurant at a time, the beloved global hotpot chain Haidilao has just elevated their internationally renowned experience yet again, with the introduction of brand new mainstays on the menu.

Now available at all Haidilao outlets in Singapore, the new series boasts everything from a new soup base – yes, a new flavour to indulge in – and new dishes, to fresh desserts and beverages.

Adding a new depth of flavour to their fan-favourite Signature Mala Broth, the new Mala Milk Broth showcases a flavourful creaminess to the soup, with lesser spicy heat and greater richness.

Meat lovers will absolutely have to head over for a taste of the new Beef in Milk Bath, where beautiful Wagyu beef is doused in milk, or go for bolder flavours with the Sichuan Pepperfect Beef Tongue, marinated in Sichuan peppercorn oil and ready to eat in just 15 seconds.

Another perennial favourite, their prawn paste also receives a makeover, presenting fans with a new Tobiko Chunky Prawn Paste that similarly comes with generous chunks of fresh prawns, now also packing extra goodness with lots of fish roe for more texture and oceanic flavours.

To balance your hearty feast, check out the Haidilao’s debuting Low-fat, Low-cal Konjac Slices that promises no compromise on taste. Carb lovers can also look out for the wide Sweet Potato Noodles that will perfectly sock up all the flavours from their broths, as well as crunchy Waterfall Potato Strings that take all of 8 seconds to cook!

Then end the novel experience on a high with a Brown Sugar Lava Rice Cake dessert and refreshing sips of Fizzy Strawberry Pop and Fizzy Plum Pop.


To find out more, check out Haidilao Singapore’s Facebook page here.