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Head over to JYU GAE for a taste of authentic Taiwanese street food

Whenever we think of Taiwan, many of us immediately start picturing their extensive range of street food and the many interesting bites filled with authentic flavours of heritage. If you’re missing the taste of Taiwanese food but are unable to head out there yet, you’d want to check out JYU GAE.

Bringing a piece of Taiwan to us, JYU GAE presents an exciting menu of iconic Taiwanese dishes for foodies in Singapore to enjoy, surrounded by warm, welcoming vibes and conveniently situated along Bras Basah Road.

By the same people behind the wildly popular KAZO confectionery, JYU GAE offers more than just comforting food and vibes, they’re also the first Taiwanese bistro in Singapore with daily live band performances so you get to enjoy evenings of entertainment alongside delicious food.

From perennial favourites such as Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice and Oyster Mee Sua, to iconic street food selections of chicken cutlets and Salt & Pepper Popcorn Chicken, JYU GAE’s menu transports diners to the night markets of Taiwan, elevated with their chef’s house-made marinade for deeper flavours.

If you miss them all and can’t decide which to go for, their House Special presents a delicious flight of their Braised Pork Rice, Oyster Mee Sua, and Salt & Pepper Popcorn Chicken all at once.

Other highlights on their mouth-watering menu include selections of familiar grilled skewers, Taiwanese Braised Beef Noodle Soup, and Taiwanese Pork Floss Crepe.

There, you’ll also get to round off your meal with KAZO’s renowned range of pastries and desserts, including decadent options of Crispy Durian Cream Puff, Polo Bun, and Original Cheese Tart.


To find out more about JYU GAE, head over to their website here.