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Korean Street dining elevated: Indulge in the Pocha Super Stars menu

Pocha‘s “Super Stars” menu presents a selection of top recommendations that capture the essence of Korean street food. With dishes like Creamy Shin Ramyeon, Hangari Bokkeumbab, Budae Jjigae, Tteokbokki with Fishcakes, Pork Bulgogi, Krispy Chunks with Fried Tteok, Seafood Pancake, and Potato Corndog, diners will be spoiled for choice.
The Creamy Shin Ramyeon stands out as a must-try dish. It takes the popular Korean instant noodles to a whole new level by incorporating creamy and bold spicy flavours, perfectly complemented by boiled eggs, spam, and seaweed. Another crowd favourite is the Budae Jjigae, also known as “Army Stew.” This hearty dish originated during the Korean War and features a rich broth made from scratch, filled with a variety of ingredients like meat, fishcake, beans, rice cakes, kimchi, tofu, and spam, topped with melty cheddar cheese.
For those seeking classic Korean street food, the Sindang-dong Tteokbokki is a must-have. The soft and chewy rice cakes and fishcakes soaked in a house-made sweet and spicy sauce create an addictive combination. Meat lovers will be delighted by the Pork Bulgogi, available in different variations such as Kimchi, Hangari, or Spicy Jeyuk. The marinated pork, stir-fried to perfection, pairs excellently with fluffy steamed rice and kimchi.
Pocha also offers Hangari Bokkeumbab, a delicious Korean fried rice cooked in the wok with their signature Hangari soy sauce. The slightly charred aroma combined with the sweetness of the soy sauce creates a mouthwatering flavour. Additionally, the menu features Krispy Chunks with Fried Tteok, a delectable combination of deep-fried chicken and tteok (rice cakes) available in soy garlic or gochujang flavour.
To share with friends and family, the Bulgogi Kimbab is an ideal choice. This generously packed kimbab is filled with crunchy cucumber, shredded carrots, flavourful bulgogi pork or beef, and egg rolls, wrapped in a seaweed blanket. For a fun and tasty snack, the Potato Corndog, inspired by the Korean variety show Jinny’s Kitchen, is a perfect addition to any meal. The crispy potato batter-coated sausage and cheese create a golden brown perfection.
To complete the dining experience, pair the food with exclusive Korean Pouch Drinks, which have taken social media by storm. These vibrant and refreshing drinks are available at a special price for diners who opt for the K Lunch Set or Duo Set.
Pocha‘s revamped menu truly immerses diners in the authentic flavours of Korean street dining. With a wide variety of dishes and sensational drinks, Pocha promises to satisfy your cravings and leave you fully content. Whether you’re a fan of spicy ramyeon, savoury stews, crispy corndogs, or delightful pouch drinks, Pocha is the ultimate destination for an unforgettable Korean culinary adventure.


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