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Indulge in an authentic lamb feast at Restaurant Manchurian

One of the best parts of living in a metropolitan city is our access to an endless range of culinary options inspired by cuisines from all over the world. Yet, as we quickly progress along with the times, places with a taste of true heritage and traditions are becoming increasingly rare. Presenting a different experience, foodies can head over to Chinatown where they’ll find one such gem tucked amongst rows of delicious offerings.

Look out for Restaurant Manchurian. As their name suggests, you’ll be transported to the plains of Northeast China with their authentic menu. Especially for meat lovers, the star of the show is definitely their lamb dishes, prepared and eaten the way their Manchurian ancestors would have.

Enhancing the experience is their intricately decorated space, featuring beautiful details and décor reminiscent of Qing-dynasty Chinese nobility. Dressed in period-appropriate livery, you’ll even get to experience what it’s like to be served as traditional nobility.

A unique opportunity in urban Singapore, head over with your buddies for an actual Roasted Whole Lamb. Authentic and delicious, their handpicked lambs from New Zealand display tender and flavourful meat, traditionally roasted and presented whole like the nomadic tribes would have enjoyed them.

Can’t finish a whole lamb? Another IG-worthy experience to have is their Roasted Lamb Leg – yes, a whole leg with succulent pieces of meat to grab.

Complete your mouth-watering feast with other traditional highlights such as a Beijing Lamb Spine Hotpot with a rich herbal stew or Fish and Lamb Fresh Soup Pot with sides like Cooked Lamb Ribs, Shrimp Paste, Mutton Meat Balls, and Cooked Mix Haggis (lamb innards). Must-have side dishes to accompany your meal include their Lamb Haggis – either boiled or spicy fried – BBQ Lamb Ribs, and absolutely addictive Hanging Lamb Ribs.

We also highly recommend the stunning Lamb Belly with Mutton, a charming “money bag” treat for the eyes and palate.

For cold dishes that’ll whet your appetite or please important guests, go for their Tofu Skin with Chilli Oil, Celery Mixed Tofu, and Mixed Lotus Root (which we couldn’t get enough of).


To find out more about Restaurant Manchurian, check out their Instagram page here.