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Indulge your senses in the ultimate Full of Crabs Buffet extravaganza at Café 2000, M Hotel Singapore City Centre

Singapore’s culinary reputation soars with Café 2000’s Full of Crabs Buffet at M Hotel Singapore City Centre. This seafood odyssey introduces crab enthusiasts to a realm of taste experiences, exploring crab’s versatility across diverse cooking styles and ingenious creations.

Café 2000’s Full of Crabs Buffet is a dream come true for crab connoisseurs. The menu features an enticing lineup of 12 crab dishes, catering to every palate. From the beloved Sri Lanka Crab to the delicate Flower Crab and delightful Soft-shell Crab, each dish showcases the chefs’ mastery.

The buffet presents an array of cooking styles, from iconic Chilli Crab with Deep-fried Man Tou to fiery Black Pepper Crab. The harmonious blend of textures and flavours is epitomized by the rich Salted Egg Yolk Crab. Innovations like Oven-baked Tandoori Crab and aromatic Bambu Bali Crab captivate adventurous diners, while Thai-style Flower Crab with Tang Hoon offers a taste of Thailand.

The buffet extends beyond crabs, featuring a medley of seafood delicacies. Irresistible hourly servings of freshly fried Soft-shell Crabs with Thai dipping sauce and sumptuous Creamy Truffle Crabs dazzle taste buds. The Tex-Mex Baked Seafood Crab boasts prawns, mussels, and scallops, showcasing culinary ingenuity.

Dessert becomes an adventure with crab-inspired delights. Crab Meat Churro with Crushed Black Pepper, paired with chocolate dip, is a surprise indulgence. The pièce de résistance is the Crab Meat Cheesecake, blending cheesecake richness with crab essence, adorned with crispy crabs.

Weekends unveil an alfresco charcoal BBQ pit with a seafood symphony. Jumbo Red Leg Prawns, Ocean Scallops, Black Pepper Chicken Wings, and more.
The Full of Crabs Buffet, available from now to Aug 31, offers Thursday to Saturday dinner buffet and Sunday lunch buffet with free-flow beer and wine. Whether a dedicated crab enthusiast or a culinary explorer, Café 2000 promises an unparalleled sensorial adventure, capturing the essence of Singapore’s vibrant dining scene.


For reservations or more information about the Full of Crabs Buffet, head over to M Hotel Singapore’s website here