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Joy Luck Teahouse introduces exciting Bolo Burger Series for food enthusiasts

From a humble origin centered around delectable Hong Kong-style culinary delights, Joy Luck Teahouse has risen to become a haven for food connoisseurs. Celebrated for its inclusion in UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong list, Joy Luck Teahouse has unveiled its latest culinary venture this August – the innovative Bolo Burger series.

The star of this series is the Bolo Burger, where the familiar bolo buns transform into both the foundation and crown of these towering creations. With a promise of an unmatched and satisfying mouthfeel from the initial bite, the Bolo Burger experience is a true gastronomic adventure. Each burger encapsulates a succulent chicken patty, adorned with crisp lettuce and ripe tomatoes, crafting the ultimate indulgence.

Originating from the renowned Hong Kong eatery Kam Kee Café (金記冰室), the Hong Kong Bolo Bun has long been a favourite in the city’s vibrant cha chaan teng scene. Its firm exterior conceals a golden, crumbly crust reminiscent of a pineapple, rendering a delightful crunch in every bite.
The Bolo Burger series boasts three enticing flavours: Mala Chicken Bolo Burger: For the bold palate, this burger features a grilled chicken patty drenched in fiery mala dressing. Available in five varying levels of spiciness, it’s an adventurous challenge for friends and family to enjoy together. Black Pepper Chicken Bolo Burger: Glazed with a special house-made sauce, this version boasts a fragrant kick, complemented by the sweetness of onions. Char Siew Chicken Bolo Burger: Balancing savoury and sweet, the char siew chicken patty, grilled to perfection, offers a delightful hint of smokiness.
Excitingly, the Bolo Burger series will be available from Aug 18 at all Joy Luck Teahouse outlets. Each burger is priced at an attractive $7.80 (original price $9.80), or customers can opt for the Value Set, including a drink, at just $8.80 (original price $13.60).
For those with a penchant for spice, the Spicy Mala Bolo Burger Challenge awaits from Aug 18 to 27. Challengers must devour the Level 5 Spicy Mala Chicken Bolo Burger within three minutes to win the coveted Bolo Burger Set. This thrilling challenge is exclusively available at Joy Luck Teahouse outlets in Bugis Junction, Chinatown, and Junction 8 during the specified dates.
Embrace this delectable journey of flavours and textures with Joy Luck Teahouse’s enticing Bolo Burger series – a must-try for all food enthusiasts.


For more information, head over to Joy Luck Teahouse’s website here