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JU Signatures celebrates anniversary with exclusive complimentary specials

A beacon of tradition and masterful culinary creations, JU Signatures is a delightful destination for any foodie looking to satisfy their cravings for authentic dim sum and refined Cantonese cuisine. Exquisite and heart-warming at the same time, JU’s brilliant menu is helmed by Chef Wong Kok Shyong – with over 3 decades of Chinese culinary experience and numerous prestigious accolades to his name.

A gastronomic bridge between tradition and modernity, JU marks their first anniversary milestone this season with exclusive promotions and complimentary specials to celebrate the joy of gathering with friends, family, and loved ones.

Over the next two weeks, head over with your favourite people to bond over meticulously crafted Zi Char and Dim Sum gems prepared with unwavering passion and the freshest ingredients, and get to enjoy different complimentary specials each week.

From Jun 20 to 23, enjoy a plate of their addictive Salted Egg Fish Skin by simply making a minimum spend of $30. Crispy and golden, each bite of their fish skin presents a tantalising balance of salted egg richness and crispy goodness.

From Jun 27 to 30, diners get to enjoy a complimentary serving of Jing Du Pork Ribs with every $40 spent. Tender and succulent, their pork ribs deliver irresistible bites of sweet-savoury notes.

In tandem with their anniversary celebrations, JU Signatures has also launched their own series of dumplings for your Dragon Boat festivities.

A presentation of culinary heritage, go for their Signature Hong Kong Style Guo Cheng Chung Dumplings with premium dried Japanese scallops, tender pork belly, shiitake mushrooms, salted egg yolk, chestnuts, lotus seeds, and mung beans – these 800g masterpieces are your perfect sharing dumplings for this season.

For a more familiar selection, they offer the traditional Nyonya Rice Dumplings with minced pork and winter melon, as well as the delicate Red Bean Paste Rice Dumplings with the velvety smoothness of Japanese red beans.


To find out more about JU Signatures and their mouth-watering offerings, head over to their website here.