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Kwong Cheong Thye unveiling the fusion feast with Western sauces

Kwong Cheong Thye, a renowned Asian sauce and paste manufacturer with a 131-year legacy, is taking its culinary expertise to new heights with the launch of their specialty Western paste and sauce line. The company’s latest offerings, the Aglio Olio Chilli Paste and Paprika Hickory BBQ Sauce, are the result of a collaboration between Mr. Alvin Choo, the 5th generation co-owner, and Celebrity Chef Heman Tan.
Prepare to embark on a culinary journey like no other with the Aglio Olio Chilli Paste, a harmonious fusion of zesty garlic and fragrant herbs that will transport your taste buds to the sun-soaked landscapes of Southern Italy, leaving you craving more. Likewise, the Paprika Hickory BBQ Sauce, infused with the smoky allure of the finest hickory wood, will whisk you away to a sizzling barbecue haven reminiscent of South Carolina, revealing a new level of flavour with every delectable bite.
The true brilliance of these new products lies in their artful fusion of tradition and innovation. Each sauce is meticulously crafted with approximately 15 natural ingredients, honouring cherished recipes passed down through generations. Whether you seek to create a protein-packed entrée or delightful appetizers, these time-saving and convenient options cater perfectly to both busy households and culinary experts in food services or industrial kitchens, adding a delightful variety to your culinary repertoire.
The company recently expanded its production facility in Senoko, transforming it from a single-storey building into an impressive five-storey structure equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for every stage of the sauce-making process, including packaging. Emphasizing the significance of their newly refurbished factory premises with fully automated production lines, Mr. Alvin Choo expressed their capacity to meet global market demand and innovate products for local consumers to create restaurant-style dishes. Understanding the importance of convenience for their generation as millennials, their sauces and pastes are crafted with only the purest ingredients, guaranteeing fast and efficient cooking without compromising on taste.

Chef Heman Tan, honoured as the Western Cuisine Chef of the Year at the 2022 World Gourmet Awards, fondly recalled how a casual coffee session with Alvin sparked their partnership to launch the new specialty Western paste and sauce. With 35 years of culinary expertise, blending Asian roots with foodservice and Western cuisine, Chef Heman shares Alvin’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of product innovation. Their collaboration promises to enrich modern home chefs’ culinary experience, allowing them to effortlessly indulge in extraordinary flavours.

With products free from preservatives, low in salt and sugar, and containing less oil, consumers can confidently savour the delicious and wholesome offerings. These latest creations will be available at Kwong Cheong Thye’s retail outlet and online priced at just $5.95 per 200g bottle.


For more information or to secure your bottle, head over to Kwong Cheong Thye‘s website here.