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Morsels celebrates 10 years with a brand new tasting menu concept

Tucked away within the lush greenery of Dempsey Hill, Morsels is a humble, rustic gem serving up an innovative menu of progressive Asian Fusion cuisine. Helmed by the widely acclaimed Chef-Owner Petrina Loh, the restaurant also boasts dedicated sustainability efforts and a zero-waste approach.

Featuring a cosy barnyard ambiance, the Morsels dining experience is a gastronomic adventures that engages with all your senses. From distressed brick walls and repurposed furniture, to artisanal plates and memorabilia from Chef Petrina’s own collection, diners get to immerse in a meal surrounded by warm natural vibes and a distinct eclectic style.

A reflection of her heritage and childhood as a born and bred Singaporean, Morsels pays homage to local flavours, complemented by inspirations put together from her myriad of experiences around the world.

Crafted with the Washoku philosophy of balancing sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami flavours, as well as employing Traditional Chinese Medicine and holistic nutrition in her creations, Morsels continues to excite foodies and discerning gourmands this year with the launch of their Morsels 2.0 menu.

Showcasing the season’s best produce alongside the restaurant’s own fermented sauces, the Morsels 2.0 menu kicks off with three lunch menus. The 6-course Lunch Tasting Menu starts with delectable snacks like seasonal oysters dressed in olive gel and citron green tea kombucha vinaigrette, before moving to highlights such as their handmade tortellini with green pea parmesan sauce and fermented asparagus, as well as juicy Fjord Trout lightly smoked with coconut husks.

The 4-course Express Lunch Menu presents Morsels’ weekly noodle offerings, including their signature Pork Jowl Char Siew Wonton Mee and Kiam Chye Duck Mee Sua. For those looking to eat clean, go for their 5-course Vegetarian Lunch Menu.

For dinner, there’s the 9-course Full Tasting Dinner Menu with starters like zucchini pancake topped with homemade ricotta and boquerones, and umami-laden mushroom garum broth with burnt banana leaf oil. Also on the menu is a crudo with cured Stolt Farm turbot, aged for 4 days in a kombu and spice rub, a wagyu Top Eye Round cured in 2-year-old corn miso, Primrose Farm’s Pork Tenderloin, and a Rougie Duck served two ways.

Diners looking to have a quicker dinner may go for their 6-course Express Tasting Dinner Menu. Specially for vegetarian foodies, indulge in a delightful 9-course Vegetarian Tasting Dinner Menu.


For more information on Morsels and their latest Morsels 2.0 menu, head over to their website here.