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New dishes and exclusive merchandise at Haidilao this October

October brings an array of delightful surprises at Haidilao Singapore, offering an exquisite culinary and visual extravaganza for all its patrons. Haidilao Singapore proudly unveils a lineup of seven irresistible new offerings that are bound to tantalize your taste buds and ignite your culinary passions.
One of the standout additions is the Golden Collagen Chicken Broth, a soul-warming delight that promises to melt in your mouth. Additionally, the American Wagyu Oyster Blade and the new Battered Tofu offer a flavour explosion with every bite. The richness of the 280-Day Cultivated Sunlit Shiitake Mushrooms and Handmade Chicken Meatballs crafted from select chicken thighs will leave you craving for more. For those seeking a healthier option with exceptional taste, the Nutritious Crystal Clear Ice Plant Vegetables will be a treat. And last but not least, the Creamy Matcha Coconut Drink is a special treat designed especially for matcha enthusiasts, available exclusively at Haidilao Plaza Singapura and Haidilao Wisma Atria.
In addition to these delectable dishes, Haidilao Singapore presents exclusive limited-edition merchandise in collaboration with Blackpink The Game. Spend a minimum of $180 in Haidilao stores and receive a $38 Blackpink The Game OST tin box merchandise, which includes a variety of treasures such as stickers, OST cards, app game discount coupon selfie card sets, Blackpink member photo cards, The Girls Standee acrylic stands, and keychain pendants.

Haidilao also charms its patrons with the Haidilao x Miffy -Adorable Series limited-edition merchandise, available exclusively for logged-in members. This collection features the magical Haidilao x Miffy Magic Mug, a Haidilao x Miffy Tote Bag, and a Haidilao x Miffy Hair Charm Collection.

Haidilao Hot Pot remains committed to providing a safe and delightful dining experience. Please note that these exclusive limited-edition merchandise items are available in limited quantities, so be sure not to miss out. Visit your nearest Haidilao restaurant today to savour the latest dishes and collect these unique treasures, and make your October memorable with Haidilao’s culinary delights and limited-edition collaborations.


For more information, visit Haidilao’s website here.