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NTUC FairPrice highlights local produce with a Made in Singapore campaign

The largest supermarket chain in Singapore, the NTUC FairPrice chain of supermarkets has become part of our daily lives – as the place most of us go to for any and all of our day-to-day essentials. Synonymous with convenient groceries, fresh produce, and household products, they have provided generations of Singaporeans accessible and quality choices.

Launching their newest campaign from Jul 06 to 19, they’re going local with a Made In Singapore campaign this time.

Highlighting homegrown brands this season, NTUC FairPrice invites us to check out their range of over 100 farm fresh and ready-to-eat products proudly made in Singapore, easily available at your nearest FairPrice outlet this month. A long-standing advocate for local farmers and suppliers, they carry their products across all FairPrice outlets.

For the discerning shopper, head over to find exquisite produce such as Kin Yan’s Golden Spring Mushrooms. Locally cultivated, freshly harvested, and pesticide-free, their mushrooms boast a velvety texture and delicate sweetness. From one of Singapore’s most trusted egg farms, Chew’s Fresh Eggs are produced and stocked daily to ensure freshness. For more goodness, check out their Fresh Eggs with Organic Selenium, an essential element that plays a major role in our body’s defence against viral infections.

With their smart indoor vertical farm, look out for superfood cultivator Sustenir’s X’cellent Xiao Bai Cai, a versatile vegetable packed with essential nutrients such as folate, vitamins B6, C, and K, and Mighty Mix blend of crisp lettuce, arugula, and kale, offering an amazing 6 times the amount of vitamin A found in a serving of papaya.

From Singapore’s first rooftop hydroponic farming complex comes ComCrop’s Green Emerald Lettuce. A powerhouse of vitamins A and K, they’re meticulously packed with their roots intact and delivered fresh daily.

Ready-to-eat options include The Farm Farmers’ Heat and Eat Barramundi Fillet Thai Sauce Style and Mullet Fillet Teriyaki Flavour. Requiring minimal preparation, easily enjoy these succulent treats for any occasion. Grown naturally without any injections, hormones, or antibiotics, they boast a firm texture and clean taste similar to their wild-caught counterparts.


To find out more, head over to FairPrice’s website and e-store here.