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Ohayo Mama San introduces irresistible Curry Rice creations

Ohayo Mama San has unveiled a limited-time addition to its menu: the Curry Rice creations. This latest addition promises a delightful and savoury experience that blends traditional Japanese flavours with a modern twist.
Sourced from the renowned Maji Curry Japan, these Curry Rice dishes feature a fragrant bed of Japanese rice generously covered with creamy scrambled eggs and drenched in award-winning Japanese curry sauce. The sauce, a masterpiece of Japanese culinary excellence, is adorned with tender carrots and potatoes, ensuring each bite bursts with flavour.

Prepared using locally sourced ingredients, each Curry Rice serving is meticulously crafted upon order, guaranteeing freshness and quality. Set against Ohayo Mama San’s lively and vibrant ambience in the heart of Orchard, these new additions create a culinary experience that’s both memorable and Instagram-worthy.

Diners can indulge in five delectable varieties of Curry Rice, each showcasing the nuanced interplay of Japanese spices and a medley of flavours. From the classic Omu Curry Rice, featuring a silky-smooth omu egg atop fragrant rice and warm curry, to the tantalizing Tori Omu Curry Rice and the crispy Tori Katsu Omu Curry Rice, there’s an option for every palate. For those with a taste for pork, the Tonkatsu Omu Curry Rice presents a crispy and satisfying dish with marinated Japanese pork.
Meanwhile, the Hamburg Omu Curry Rice offers a delightful blend of Japanese pork and beef hamburg patty grilled to perfection. To elevate the experience, diners can choose to top their Curry Rice with Mozzarella Cheese Fondue, adding a rich and creamy layer to the dish. 
As a finale, an array of over 20 unique Japanese fruits and tea liqueurs await, allowing patrons to savour the essence of Japan in liquid form. If you’re seeking a culinary adventure that marries tradition and innovation, Ohayo Mama San’s Curry Rice creations are sure to transport your taste buds on an unforgettable journey. With its playful ambience and delectable offerings, Ohayo Mama San remains an essential destination for those who crave a fusion of fun flavours and quirky sights.


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