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Phoon Huat expands beyond baking with over 500 stellar gourmet selections

Known for their trusted manufacturing and supply of premium baking ingredients and tools, food services, and artisanal bakery solutions, Phoon Huat has long secured their place as a leading brand in Singapore’s F&B market. With everything from their own warehouses, manufacturing, and cold chain facilities, to a strong global network of partners, they’ve grown from a humble supplier to an ubiquitous brand offering convenient one-stop services and solutions across the island with 22 retails stores.

Now expanding beyond baking, they also boast a portfolio of over 500 gourmet selections from all around the world. Featuring the best and freshest produce from premium meats and seafood to vegetables and fruits, they showcase their knowledge and connections through this exciting display for the discerning gourmand.

Furthering solidifying their legacy as a supplier of top culinary ingredients, Phoon Huat is poised to meet the ever-evolving needs of our hospitality and F&B industries. Find free-range meat from Australia, air-flown seasonal vegetables from Europe, amazingly plump and creamy oysters from Japan, prized Iberico pork from Spain, duck and foie gras from France, turkey from USA, and so many more coveted products now with them.

From amongst the stellar range they now stock, you’ll also not want to miss out on these exclusive highlights that are only available online or at their flagship Redman Store at Star Vista: grass-fed Free Rein beef and grain-fed Riverine beef from Australia, farmed from cattle raised in natural, wide-open fields and paddocks, the acclaimed Royal Belgian Caviar, Buba Camaron’s award-winning Spanish carabineros, octopus from the Spanish port of Vigo, as well as air-flown wild-caught Turbot from the famed Rungis Market in France.

Other selections to look out for include the likes of DaVinci Gourmet’s unique craft coffee, Ravifruit’s innovative natural fruit selections and largest selection of citrus purees in the world, Noumi’s nutritious and tasty plant-based products, and Soignon’s exceptional dairy and cheese products.

There’s also Callebaut’s fine Belgian chocolates, INIC Coffee’s fuss-free ultra-fine coffee powder, the internationally beloved California Raisins, Tey’s Australian beef and protein products, and the list just goes on!


Find all of them and more information on RedMan’s official website here.