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PUTIEN’s Eel Festival 2023: A culinary celebration of ocean’s finest

As summer transitions into autumn, live eels from China grace the tables of PUTIEN, offering a unique culinary experience. PUTIEN welcomes you to indulge in the annual Eel Festival, a celebration of one of the ocean’s most delectable treasures, from now until the end of November. 
The star of the show is the live eel, brimming with sweetness and tenderness as it prepares for migration. These eels are freshly imported from Shunde, Guangdong, often referred to as the “Hometown of Eels in China.” The eels thrive deep under the sea, in open-air eel ponds spanning over 5000 acres. China, as the world’s largest eel producer and exporter, provides PUTIEN with a top-grade ingredient that accounts for 70% of global eel production.
PUTIEN’s commitment to quality extends to their selection of Japanese eels. These eels are fed only wild cod fish meal, ensuring premium-grade flavour. With a focus on meaty eels, they opt for those weighing 600g-800g and measuring 70cm, striking the perfect balance between meat and fat. From the fish farm to the restaurant table, a meticulous cold chain process guarantees the eels arrive alive, meeting PUTIEN’s exacting standards. Expert chefs then skillfully prepare the eels, briefly boiling them for 10 seconds before slicing them to perfection.
This year, PUTIEN offers a tantalizing Eel Festival menu featuring five seasonal dishes, all priced at $38.80++ and $46.80++. Delight in the simplicity of Fresh Eel Cooked in Spring Water, where the eel’s natural freshness shines in a crystal-clear spring bath with goji berries and ginger. Or dare to savour the boldness of the Spicy Pan-fried Eel, a delightful new addition with a mild kick. Dive into tradition with Eel in Fujian Red Fermented Red Rice Wine, a crispy sensation steeped in fragrant wine lees. The umami-rich Steamed Eel in Garlic and Soy Bean Sauce pairs perfectly with fragrant white rice, while the chef’s recommendation, Baked Eel with Puning Bean Sauce, promises a savoury adventure with aromatic garlic and rich fermented bean paste. 
PUTIEN’s Eel Festival 2023 promises a journey of exquisite flavours, celebrating the eel’s natural succulence and PUTIEN’s dedication to culinary excellence. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this seasonal seafood extravaganza. These dishes are available for dine-in or delivery through various apps, including Inline, Oddle, GrabFood, foodpanda, and Deliveroo. 


For reservations, head over to PUTIEN’s website here.