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Sens Dining & Bar Nikai offers refined Japanese dining with a unique twist

Bringing yet another refined Japanese dining experience to the happening Holland Village district, the elegant Sens Dining & Bar Nikai welcomes all foodies in Singapore to experience their game-changing gastronomy with an extensive menu of show-stopping surprises.

Showcasing finesse and innovation on both their food and drinks menus, the unique experience at Sens Dining & Bar Nikai highlights the team’s brilliance through unique a repertoire of signatures you’ll not find anywhere else.

Infusing a dignified sense of artistry into their creations though sheer skill and vision, their innovative offerings shine with some of the freshest produce in the country. Boasting 4 shipments of fresh cargo every week, their beautiful ingredients easily bring out the best of each season’s highlights and best flavours.

Perfect for everything from corporate gatherings and meals with your best buddies, to intimate date nights, Sens Dining & Bar Nikai offers insta-worthy sharing sets alongside their must-haves like their delicious Sushi Tacos.

A perfect marriage of East and West, find amazing bursts of flavours within ebi senbei prawn cracker shells by going for their Ebi with Tobiko, Tsubugai, Salmon Mentai, Negitoro, and Hotate Uni tacos.

Stealing the show every single time is the Yagura Ketsuga Sushi Box, the restaurant’s ultimate expression of creativity and refinement. Modelled after an ancient Japanese fortress, the tower presents diners with tiers of the freshest seafood and sashimi cuts, delicately separated by different parts of the fortress so diners can get hands-on and decide how they want to enjoy the spread themselves.

Also absolutely not to be missed are the bar’s exquisite range of rare Japanese whiskies, house-made spirits, and culinary-inspired cocktails. A mind-blowing bar experience, don’t forget to ask for cooked cocktails while you’re there to have a taste of their newest, one-of-a-kind creations.


For more on Sens Dining & Bar Nikai, visit their website here.