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Soup Restaurant presents an exclusive menu for Winter Solstice

Before the year comes to an end, families will gather again to celebrate the warmth of familial ties and appreciate the bonds that we share with the people around us. Dubbed the Winter Solstice, it’s usually celebrated with delicious (and colourful) tangyuan, and – as it always is with such events – a sumptuous spread of irresistible dishes.

This year, Soup Restaurant and their famously comforting dining experience offers us a mouth-watering Winter Solstice celebration with an exclusive menu that includes 5 new dishes.

Available from now till 22 Dec (the day of Winter Solstice), indulge with loved ones at Soup Restaurant with the Winter Solstice Set and Celebration Set.

Fans of the popular restaurant chain will be familiar with their classics, such as their Signature Samsui Ginger Chicken, Tofu Prawns, and delicate Handmade Mini Longevity Buns – all of which are part of the new menu.

On top of those, however, are new items that you’ll absolutely want to try. A brand new soup and taste from them, the Dried Veg Pork Ribs Soup will leave you wanting more with the natural sweetness of red dates and savoury touch of dried bok choy, traditionally double-boiled for over four hours daily.

There’s also the luxurious Abalone Treasure Pot with its collagen-rich broth, Roasted Pine Nuts Olive Rice with Sakura Prawns, Beancurd Skin with Broccoli & Tofu, and the quintessential Winter Solstice dessert: Peach Gum Tang Yuan in Ginger Soup.

For an intimate celebration at home, Soup Restaurant is also offering an Online Exclusive 9-Course Family Set for a fuss-free feast.


Find out more on their website here.