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Soup Restaurant’s 32nd Anniversary, a culinary celebration with a heart

In the realm of culinary excellence, Soup Restaurant stands as a venerable institution, and this September marks a significant milestone for the brand as it celebrates an impressive 32 years of delighting diners with nourishing cuisine that warms the body and nurtures the soul. To express its profound gratitude to the loyal patrons who have supported the brand throughout its journey, Soup Restaurant has introduced a special price menu, featuring selected signature dishes, each priced at a symbolic $3.20++. 

What makes this celebration truly exceptional is that all proceeds from the sale of these dishes, available from Aug 17 to Oct 30, will be donated in kind to support Dementia Singapore in their mission to care for individuals with dementia and their dedicated caregivers.These dishes not only showcase the culinary excellence of Soup Restaurant but also contribute to a noble cause.
The Pearl Rice with Baby Abalone and Olive Vegetables offers a modern twist on traditional Teochew olive rice, combining premium Japanese rice with homemade savoury olive vegetables and baby abalone for umami richness. The Honey Pork Chop with Kumquat Sauce is a savoury delight with succulent pork cubes glazed in sweet kumquat sauce. Nourish your body with the Double-boiled Whole Coconut with Black Chicken Soup, simmered for hours for a sweet and savoury coconut-infused broth. The Homemade Ginger Tofu with Minced Pork presents crispy tofu with bold flavours, while Seasonal Vegetables complete your meal with freshness and flavour.
Promotional dishes are limited to one redemption per table per bill, with a minimum order of one Samsui Ginger Chicken. These exclusive dishes are available for dine-in and e-store orders only. For delivery, orders can be placed at Soup Restaurant’s online ordering platform.
Dementia Singapore’s CEO, Jason Foo, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the support received from various stakeholders over the years. He emphasized the importance of building a dementia-inclusive society and highlighted the significant progress made in the past 33 years. Coincidentally, Soup Restaurant, celebrating its 32nd anniversary, stands as a testament to commitment and legacy-building.
As we raise our glasses to Soup Restaurant’s 32nd anniversary, let us also applaud their foresight in using this occasion to further their commitment to the dementia cause. In dining at Soup Restaurant during this special period, you not only enjoy a memorable culinary experience but also play a part in making a difference in the lives of those affected by dementia. It’s a celebration of both culinary excellence and the spirit of giving, proving once again that food has the power to nourish not only the body but also the soul.


For reservations, head over to Soup Restaurant’s website here