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Stamford Catering unveils new premium buffet spread with affordable prices

Singaporeans love food. And amongst the many options available, buffet spreads naturally make for some of our most convenient go-to choices. Yet, as we enter a period of inflation and higher food costs, leading local food caterer Stamford Catering is reporting a 20% increase in client requests for premium food items to be included in buffets as we tighten our wallets when eating out and scrutinise food purchases even more now.

Stepping up to answer those requests, Stamford Catering launches their new The Premium Buffet.

Keeping up with changes in buffet trends over the years, their quality-over-quantity approach presents an indulgent buffet spread that is sure to brighten any party and delight all foodies. Designed for the discerning foodie in all of us, the value-for-money series serves up premium dishes found on the menu of top restaurants around the world, but with affordability in mind.

From The Premium Buffet, choose between the Party Set for 8 to 10 pax, Mini Buffet for 15 pax, and Buffet with Deluxe Setup for 20 to 25 pax.

On your choice of dishes, impress your guests with the likes of Grilled Asparagus and Spinach with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, 48-Hour Consommé with Chicken StripsPoached Scallop with Marinated Vermicelli in Garlic Soy Sauce, Golden Panko Oyster with Fluffy Scrambled Eggs on Shell, Muar Mackerel Otak Tempura, and Mao Shan Wang Bread & Butter Pudding with MSW Cream.

Tapping into years of experience honing his culinary skills at acclaimed establishments, look forward to Executive Chef Eddie Goh’s signatures on the menu, such as the incredibly tender Braised Beef Cheek with Bouquet Garni Garnish with Pearl Onion and Mushroom and Oven Baked Atlantic Cod Marinated with Sweet Miso and White Truffle Infused Mashed Peas, inspired by Nobu’s famous black cod dish.

Other highlights on The Premium Buffet include the house-original Indonesian Style Whole Pangang Squid Stuffed with Spicy Fish Paste, a tribute to Chef Eddie’s Peranakan roots, and Spanish Seafood Paella Rice with its saffron-infused rice and crispy underbelly.


For more on Stamford Catering and The Premium Buffet, head over to their website here.