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Surrey Hills Grocer unveils Asia’s premier pet-friendly oasis at The Woodleigh Mall

Surrey Hills Grocer, known for its authentic Australian offerings, extends a warm invitation to patrons and their four-legged companions at its latest outlet in The Woodleigh Mall. Marking a milestone as Asia’s first grocer and café designed for both consumers and their pets, the establishment features a delightful train-themed décor, aiming to redefine family experiences and create a connection not only with patrons but also their cherished pets. Covering over 3,600 square feet, this outlet stands as Surrey Hills Grocer’s largest to date, resonating with the pet-friendly ethos found in Australia.

The inclusive space encourages shared moments of dining and shopping, fostering an environment conducive to meaningful connections. The Woodleigh outlet introduces an authentic Australian-inspired menu, promising an exceptional culinary experience for both diners and their animal companions. Noteworthy is an exclusive menu from The Pancake Parlour, a venerable Melbourne pancake chain making its debut in Singapore. Diners can relish a variety of pancake creations, ranging from the signature Classic Stack to savoury options like Pork Belly Benny and Wagyu Lava Burger, exclusively available at the Woodleigh outlet.

Surrey Hills Woodleigh is set to launch a pet-friendly menu, thoughtfully crafted and featuring high-quality, human-grade ingredients tailored for furry friends. The outlet’s dedicated pet space, Furry Hills, offers a curated selection of gourmet pet treats and accessories, showcasing brands like Melanie Newman, Freezy Paws, and WAG. In addition to pet-friendly products, the grocer continues to feature Australian brands, including an expanded selection from the olive oil estate, Rich Glen, and sustainable offerings from Frank Green.
The Woodleigh outlet incorporates rail-inspired touches, such as a seat area resembling a train cabin and a tile pattern at the bar counter reminiscent of an Australian subway. A standout feature is the captivating Mornington-inspired train centerpiece, suspended from the ceiling, adding whimsical charm to the establishment. Founder Gek expressed the aspiration to bring the pet-friendly Australian culture to Singapore, marking a bittersweet farewell to the first D’Arena establishment and embracing a new chapter in Surrey Hills’ journey. 


Address: 11 Bidadari Park Dr, The Woodleigh Mall #01-52/53 Singapore 367803 Operating hours: Mondays – Sunday (10am to 10pm)

For reservations or more information, visit their website here.