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Sushi Tei showcases the best of Winter with their new Yuki Matsuri seasonal menu

Winter, Japan, and Japanese food: 3 things that by themselves have never failed to tug at the heartstrings of almost all Singaporeans. Now, imagine all 3 together.

Showcasing the best of each season, Sushi Tei’s consistency and dedication to upholding the quality of their seasonal offerings have gained themselves a neat following and much acclaim. For all the fans out there: their latest Yuki Matsuri menu is now available, all the way till Mar 14 for your pleasure and indulgence.

Curated to deliver a slice of life that is Winter in Japan to us, Sushi Tei – in their renowned flair – has undoubtedly prepared a menu filled with the greatest of flavours and textures that perfectly encapsulates the festive mood of this season.

Amongst the stars to look out for, you absolutely have to try the unique Yuzu Buri. A fruit fish from Iki island in Nagasaki Prefecture, they’re raised on a feed that includes yuzu powder made using yuzu peel and juice, giving their meat a light, vibrant, and refreshing citrus flavour and aroma.

Savour its beauty as a sashimi dish by itself or have it à la Yuzu Buri Carpaccio or with platters like the Sashimi Moriawase “Yukimi” 4 Kinds.

Gourmands will love the seasonal menu’s next headliner: Miyazaki Beef. The reigning champion of the Wagyu Olympics, Miyazaki Beef has captured the highly coveted and fiercely competitive title for three consecutive times now. How did they do it? By maintaining only the strictest standards and paying the closest scrutiny to all contenders before any is allowed to be labelled “Miyazaki Wagyu”, of course!

Enjoy Miyazaki Beef’s amazing marbling and firm meat with the Miyazaki Wagyu Steak, brilliantly served in thick slices for greater satisfaction, or have a comforting and delicious meal with a Miyazaki Wagyu Fried Rice option.

Don’t forget to give their charming desserts a go to end your meal on all the right notes – you won’t go wrong with the Chocolate Cream Daifuku and Milk Crepe Roll Cake this season.


For more on Sushi Tei and their latest Yuki Matsuri menu, head over to their website here.