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Sustainable delights at COLLIN’S®: Where tradition meets innovations

In the realm of culinary exploration, COLLIN’S® continues to stand at the forefront, offering a captivating fusion of innovation and tradition. A tantalizing array of dishes is presented on a menu brimming with sustainable and nutritious ingredients, reflecting a commitment to transcend conventional Western cuisine.
Beyond just food, COLLIN’S® envisions itself as a catalyst for cherishing moments with loved ones. The essence of celebrating both good food and great company is encapsulated in the warm embrace of its dining tables. This is where families and friends come together to forge cherished memories while savouring dishes that truly feed the soul.
Drawing inspiration from beloved childhood flavours, COLLIN’S® has artfully modernized local comfort foods. The allure of their reinterpretations lies not only in their taste but also in their contemporary presentation. The classic Curry Puff and Singapore Chilli Crab find new life with plant-based ingredients, mirroring the evolving palate of the modern diner.
At the heart of COLLIN’S® innovations is the commitment to sustainability. The Australian Greenham Dry Aged Bone-in Ribeye, a centerpiece of their offerings, embodies their dedication to sourcing premium quality beef from certified regenerative sources. This ethos extends to the COLLIN’S® Premium Combo, a hearty ensemble showcasing a variety of meats and sides, each thoughtfully chosen and prepared.
Among their inventive offerings, the Singapore Chilli Crab Detroit-styled Pizza takes the nation’s cherished flavour on a culinary journey, reinventing it atop a crispy Detroit-style pizza base. Similarly, the Singapore NoMince Curry Detroit-styled Pizza embraces sustainability with The Vegetarian ButcherTM NoMince, adding a delightful twist to the culinary landscape.
COLLIN’S® culinary creations not only tantalize the taste buds but also evoke a sense of shared delight. As they bridge tradition and innovation, COLLIN’S® remains a haven where families and friends gather to celebrate the richness of life while savouring dishes that embody a fusion of flavours, sustainability, and heartwarming memories.


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