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Taiwan Fullhouse brings an authentic taste of Southern Taiwan to Singapore

Amongst the many reasons why Taiwan is such a popular destination for Singaporeans is their multitude of amazing bites and flavours. From traditional delicacies to intense street food, their vibrant culinary scene has never failed to delight our palate.

Wish as we may, many of us are unable to just scoot off on a plane headed for the beautiful country. But here’s the good news: bringing us a slice of Taiwanese life is the newly opened Taiwan Fullhouse. Conveniently located within Bishan’s Junction 8 shopping mall, the new establishment serves up a delicious menu of authentic Taiwanese gems.

Bringing true South Taiwanese heritage to Singapore, their flagship here dedicates themselves to maintaining the same traditional taste you’ll get in Taiwan and ensuring the quality of their offerings through strict control on the choice of ingredients, materials, preparation, and culinary treatment.

Presenting the many mouth-watering icons of Southern Taiwan – surely a familiar and beloved sight for the foodies here – head over for a taste of these authentic comfort food.

Highlights on the menu include the classic Braised Pork Rice, made with carefully selected pork loin slow-stewed in premium black bean sauce and spices, a premium red mee sua Oyster Noodle cooked with their own secret recipe, and fragrant Bubble Tea with Pearls, boasting freshly brewed premium Taiwanese assam black tea and brown sugar pearls.

Complementing your meal are sides that transport us to the streets of Taiwan. Go for their array of addictive bites, including thick-cut Sweet Potato Fries and Cuttlefish Balls.

Their range of juicy chicken bites feature only the best de-boned cuts with an irresistible selection of flavours like the gratifying Salted Fried Chicken, Sesame Chicken, and even an unforgettable Honey Chicken Chop.

Already making waves since they opened, the menu at Taiwan Fullhouse will still be seeing more timeless Taiwanese dishes added in the coming weeks – so stay tuned, Taiwanese food lovers!


For more on this exciting new destination, check out their Instagram page here.