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Tanjong Pagar welcomes a new omakase experience with French-Japanese elements

Tanjong Pagar’s range of excellent dining options is a well-recognised fact amongst local foodies. Adding to that list of amazing destinations, a new culinary star arrives at the popular district.

Offering diners a fresh omakase experience combining ultra-fresh Japanese produce with exquisite French culinary techniques, Cuisson shakes up the dining scene in the area once more.

Helmed by Chef Tan Wee Kiat, whose skills and knowledge come from years of training at the likes of Raffles Hotel and the Les Amis Group, as well as under the wings of maestros such as Daniel Boulud, Ivan Brehm, and Jonathan Koh. He was formerly Chef de Cuisine at Goodwood Park Hotel’s famed Gordon Grill, before finally taking solo flight at Cuisson.

A fine escape for city-dwellers, diners are welcomed with clean coffee, chocolate, and gingerbread hues, where they get to dine in a warm and convivial environment. A large window allows you to enjoy a view of the show kitchen as you indulge in an unforgettable meal.

Seafood lovers will absolutely adore the experience. Highlighting the quality of Japanese produce with classic French cooking methods, Chef Tan’s approach resembles art on a culinary canvas, paying respect to produce and composition at the same time. Find his tantalising creativity with fine ingredients through a showcase that ranges from an amuse bouche of white asparagus royale with crustacean fragrances, to lightly grilled abalone and foie gras mille feuille.

Take their Menu Jensei, for instance. It presents an 8-course gastronomic journey with an exquisite Texture of Prawns interlude, featuring a prawn pasta with Sakura ebi and carabinero croquette, complemented by prawn roe and a coral emulsion that come together perfectly to exemplify Chef Tan’s finesse.

To complete the tasteful journey, Cuisson also boasts an extensive wine list that elevates their French and Japanese culinary influences, bringing our tastebuds on a voyage of discovery with Chef Tan’s unique expressions.


For more on Cuisson and their outstanding experience, head over to their website here.