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Taste a new Birriamen at Chimichanga Little India for a limited-time only

A pioneering figure in our local dining scene, Chimichanga gave us one of our first casual Sing-Mex culinary experience. Known for their Singapore-inspired take on traditional Mexican cuisine, Chimichanga has wowed the palates of local gourmands since it burst onto the scene in 2016, establishing itself as a popular go-to and expanding to meet an ever-increasing demand for their variety of hearty burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and of course, chimichangas.

Bringing yet another exciting culinary delight, the homegrown Mexican concept launches their latest Ancho Beef Birriamen, a limited-time offering exclusively available at Chimichanga Little India from now till Jun 04.

Also known as a “Birria Ramen”, the Birriamen is a delicious fusion of Mexican and Japanese cuisines, marrying the bold flavours of birria stew with Japan’s beloved ramen. Paying tribute to the dish that originated in Mexico City, the team at Chimichanga took a whole month to perfect their unique rendition.

Serving up a tantalising dish overflowing with flavour, depth, and texture, the Ancho Beef Birriamen features a rich broth layered with smoky and meaty flavours, served with ancho beef birria, a golden egg yolk, negi, bird’s eye chilli, pea sprouts, along with shredded ancho beef and corn for that extra bite.

Chimichanga recommends foodies to pair their Ancho Beef Birriamen with a beer or margarita to balance the richness of the dish.

Be sure to not miss out on this exclusive chance to taste a new and exciting offering. Only available till Jun 04, start making your reservations with Chimichanga Little India today!


For more information, head over to their website here.