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The new Fatty Patty Burger and Grill serves up unique burgers and meat choices

An indelible part of Singaporean culture, our hawker scene and street food have always been a source of great comfort to a city of food-loving people. We enjoy the unadulterated flavours we get to find at these stalls as much as we appreciate the sights and sounds of the ever-present hustle bustle.

Bringing an exciting new option to the table is Fatty Patty Burger and Grill. A fresh concept within the popular Bedok Marketplace, Fatty Patty Burger and Grill is the brainchild of the same people behind the former Homeground Grill and Bar.

Putting their love for street food on the table, the vibrant menu at this new burger place features both new creations and fan favourites from the team’s previous menu. Gourmands and burger lovers can expect to find an array of unique burgers, enhanced with signature alcohol-infused sauces that make them that much more addictive with each bite.

On a mission to serve up fun and indulgent experiences, go for highlights such as their Signature Fatty Beef Burger with brown butter vodka cream sauce, or satisfy your appetite by doubling up with the Double Fatty Beef Burger. You’ll also not want to miss out on their smoky Bourbon BBQ Bacon Beef Burger, or the Charcoal Grilled Whisky Ribeye for delicious meat without the buns.

Looking to go for something less bold and non-alcoholic? They’ve got you covered with equally irresistible bites of crunchy squid and deep-fried pork belly, both perfectly paired with a garlic thai chilli mayonnaise, and a crispy chicken burger with cajun mayonnaise.

For that touch of charred goodness, go for their charcoal grilled thai chicken that comes with sweet thai bbq chilli.


Looking to head over and try them for yourself? Check out their Instagram page here for more information.