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The new Ikkoten omakase restaurant showcases traditional Kaiseki omakase

Refined, elegant, and delicious – and that’s barely the tip of the omakase iceberg. Omakase dining has always enchanted diners with an elevated flair, steeped in Japanese tradition, heritage, and culinary finesse perfected over years of dedicated learning and practice. Amongst the most popular of cuisines in Singapore, local foodies on the prowl for a new Japanese experience are in for a treat at the new Ikkoten.

Presenting an unforgettable culinary journey for even the most discerning of palates, the new omakase restaurant showcases traditional Kyoto cuisine with their Kaiseki-style omakase, elevated with a touch of innovation.

Situated along the bustling Telok Ayer Street, Ikkoten is helmed by Executive Chef Brandon Low, who sets out to present and reignite the traditions and taste of traditional Kaiseki style omakase. Due to its complexity and degree of meticulous work needed, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to come across a Japanese restaurant that serve traditional Kaiseki omakase these days.

Combining minimalist design with modern luxury, diners at Ikkoten can look forward to embarking on a gastronomic odyssey surrounded by warm lighting, fresh-toned wood with golden accents, spacious counter space, and a marble feature wall that makes for a perfect backdrop as Chef Brandon painstakingly prepares each and every dish.

Offering diners a showcase with his own refined preparation and cooking methods, Chef Brandon’s passion and creativity shines through harmonious sequences – which are as beautifully presented as they are delicious – in his menu.

Head over for a symphony of brilliantly curated flavours with their 5-course Kaiseki omakase lunch, or indulge in a choice of 9-course or 11-course dinner. Those seeking out even greater displays of Chef Brandon’s culinary artistry can opt for a premium 11-course omakase, but you’ll have to make a request and booking at least 3 days prior.

The full 11-course dinner experience will include a special Chef’s appetiser, a seasonal appetiser using the best of the season’s ingredients, a seasonal clear soup, servings of seasonal sashimi, servings of Chef’s special sushi, a Hokkaido sweet corn soup, followed by a seasonal grilled fish, seasonal simmered dish, char-grilled beef, a mouth-watering Japanese claypot rice cooked using a broth of the season’s best produce, before ending with a serving of Japan’s amazing seasonal fruits.


For more information or reservations, head over to their website here.